Homebrewed - T In The Park's Scottish acts as drinks

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Daniel Fahey | 02 July 2010

So glasses at the ready, let’s begin.

BuckfastThe Proclaimers
Ah Buckie, the brown syrup that you’re mostly like to find congregating around the campsite in plastic bottles, sticking to everything it comes in contact with. It’s the one drink that feels so right at the time, but so wrong in the morning when you’re cooking in your tent at 6am, looking for something – anything! – to quench your thirst except the dregs of the tonic wine. Much like booming out ‘500 Miles’ to The Proclaimers in the evening before attempting to puke up your own enthusiasm come dawn break.

The solitary Tennents in the fridge – Paolo Nutini
What’s that doing in there? Was it left over from the party the other week? Who even brought Tennents with them? It was a wine-only evening. Paolo Nutini is back, again, like that solitary can you find rolling into the lettuce for about three weeks in a row - it’s the one that just won’t go away. But when it comes down to it (the footy has gone to extra time and you’re out of beer) you know you’ll love it.

WhiskyThe View
Sat in its own crystal decanter on the shelf at home, Scotland’s traditional tipple - whisky - is always there to carry on the party once you’ve arrived home. Yeah you’ve already had a kebab and your missus has got work in the morning but you and your mates fancy a few sing-a-longs so you fill a mug each and pull out your The View CD. The Dundee boys are more Scottish than Rabbie Burns pricking himself on thistles up Sauchiehall Street and perfect in slightly large measures – or two albums worth of music to be exact.

Hot Toddy - Calvin Harris
Feeling a bit blue, got a stinking cold and a hangover? Get your mum to knock up a Hot Toddy – a spoonful of sugar, a little honey, a shot of Scotch and some boiling water – and hey presto, you’re up and about, nodding your head and raring to rave. Calvin Harris is just the same: when you’re a little down, the Scottish producer’s dance pop is catchy, bouncy and something your mum won’t mind you enjoying either!

Irn Bru - Unicorn Kid
You’re not quite old enough to drink and the lads hanging around the offie have taken that tenner you’ve given them to buy you booze and told you to ‘sod off’ before you get your legs broken. Making your way down to the swings to pick on some younger kids you use that last 50p to grab a can of Irn Bru, and although your mouth doesn’t quite know how it’s happening, you’re getting a colourful sugar rush. 8-bit wunderkind Unicorn Kid may have just turned 18 but most of his audience won’t have and his unique sound that parents just don’t enjoy anymore sounds scarily similar to Irn Bru.

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