Talk is Tweet: Glastonbury 2010

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Daniel Fahey, John Bownas, Ali Kerry, Kai Jones, Dan Davies | 30 June 2010


# Stuck in traffic on our way to #Glasto with some king tubby on.who are people looking forward to seeing?

# whats better than an england win at #glasto? sat nites secret act up the park. we wont give it away, we’ll leave it as a 'puzzle'!

Don't believe pubs in neighboring villages saying 2 hr delays, so best stop for a cold one. Least queues we have ever seen around #glasto

There are murmers that kylie may get to play #glasto after all,helping out scissor sisters

My luminaries are playing 'you can go your own way' in the queens head #glasto

Big #glasto heartwarming moment: flashmob proposal at The Park, 300 strangers proposing to Sarah on behalf of her boyfriend. She said Yes!

#glasto overheard: "why is everyone drinking pear cider?" --- cos it's fuggin amazing maybe?

Literally no queue to come in! According to steward 125, 000 came in yesterday #Glasto

To be confirmed but it according to backstage gossip gorillaz will have all the special guests including lou reed for their #glasto set

#glasto institution - the legendary Growler by the Other Stage http://yfrog.com/589zvyj

It's a ruddy scorcher at #glasto Make sure you protect yourself - free suncream and takeaway sachets by Nat West tent above Pyramid field

RT @allisonannetx: @vf your #glasto tweets are making me sad I'm not there but keep 'em coming! They're making work less boring. :) Oh

RT @Magic_Kitten: @vf Actually, everyone's drinking perry - that's the real name for pear cider, the makers just think we won't know wha…

@sukeyyy sssshhh! Friday night special is even more awesome!
Best band at #glasto so far - KidZ Field are putting a band together each day. All band members are then performing at Kidz Big Top

The singer wrote the song herself! Really cool actually, indiepop worthy of @IndietracksFest #glasto

#glasto spotted: BBC politics guru Andrew Marr listening to Afrobeat at the backstage bar

#glasto funbury! Beardyman is currently killing it at Wow in the Dance field - why aren't you here????!!!!

Remember the cool Kidz Field band earlier? This is them! #glasto #minipops http://yfrog.com/5spzfqj

Everyone seems to be handing to the dance village at #glasto but is it for beardyman or boy george?

Massive queue for Four Lions in cinema field. If you haven't joined then. youve git no chance #Glasto

#Glasto institution #2 The infamous Cider Bus. nb: do not ask for pear cider here


First stevie wonder tribute of #glasto? King King playing 'I Wish' at bourbon street.

Anyone see Prince Charles in the Green Fields earlier? Us neither! But he had a nice smiley walkabout #glasto #hushhush

RT @WeAreLuckySoul: Look who we just bumped into at #glasto ! http://twitpic.com/1ziw20

Joy orbison proving to #glasto that every decent garage track needs the word 'baby' in it!

Back to (Old) school at the Glade for Altern 8 - let me be your #glasto fantasy!

Are you still up? This is 80s megastar Boy George playing a juicy house/new wave set at tiny #glasto Dance Bubble http://yfrog.com/5jw71uj
Morning campers! We're up at this ungodly hour to see Steel Harmony's incredible steelband Joy Division covers 11am the Park - Come!

Femi Kuti destroying Pyramid Stage with incendiary afrobeat. He's singing 'the sun is out in Africa'. No fuggin kidding! #glasto #ruddyhot

#glasto tip: if you're going to bury yourself in cider first thing don't wait until 1pm for your first bit of grub.

Group of guys in the Stranglers crowd singing "Gordon Brown textured like sun" #glasto

Mariachi el Bronx in full Mexican get up-is there a hotter band at #glasto right now? Literally or metaphorically

Billy bragging surrounded by a stage of oh-so talented ex-convicts @leftfield @#glasto the prison system may need shaking up

Limit Opick about to do a comedy car crash @leftfield.

Here comes tinie tempah with snoop at #glasto-the place kicks off!

Tinie Tempah is hitting up the main stage with Snoop Dogg, crowd stretches to the back of the field.

Mos def has cancelled his west holts show at #glasto nnecka will replad him 2nite

'sigh (no more space)' at mumford and sons at #glasto john peel stage

Wanna know a secret?? #glasto

Thom York is playing the Park stage, not sure about the white sweat band though...

Fu*king phones man! Yorke

Secret #glasto #thomyorke #blessed http://yfrog.com/2dfzwsj

And then he brought on Johnny Greenwood and we kinda all had a sexual happy #glasto #fugginastonishing


Three girls barbarshopping radioheads creep in the #glasto press tent-probably the first time people have looked up from their laptops-v ...

VF hopes the man who was in the longdrop at #glasto is ok .a lot of heavy breathing and cries of oh god,oh jesus goin on!

Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni ba at West Holts. So beautiful, a whole lot of Malian bliss #glasto

Beach House at #glasto Park. Beautiful dream pop. So exquisite, comforting and enchanting they should be in the Green Fields

Billy bragg, frank turner, beans on toast, the agitators and grace petri all on the left field stage at once. politics - IT'S the new r ...

#glasto tip: When you're phoning friends about hooking up at the sound desk make sure you're at the same stage #glastofail

Were sheltering from the seething heat in the lunar sea bar at #glasto listening to jazz and sweating!

Has Devendra Bernhart been rubbing up against Lou Reed after his Gorillaz appearance? #Glasto

The beat cover 'rock the casbah' in arcadia at #glasto.it feels warm enough to be morocco!

Jack White + Alison Mosshart getting all Kills-style close at #glasto Pyramid delivering their roughed-up beatnik blues in style

Two cctv robots are pole dancing to a sound check at #glasto lunar sea lounge.technology is sexier than an iphone

Marina and the Diamonds currently wowing the John Peel stage. Get down here!!

Jerry dammers has had johnny clarke join him onstage at #glasto & here comes a late rico rodriguez-is he trying to beat gorillaz for ...

Shakira shaked her fine Colombian hips at #glasto. It was basically porn wasn't it???!! XX cover of Island was v cool

It's fuggin Sepultura legend Iggor Cavalera and his wife playing filthy electro and live drums at Dance West (cont) http://tl.gd/25bdbd

Muse-pah! Forget all that stage pomp, Jamie T has just got himself and his band and the john peel tent is kickin off at #glasto

Jamie t: 'i think muse are on-am i right?' huge boos at the john peel stage at #glasto - no fans here then!

"The Streets Have Noi Name" Love or hate U2, you can't deny The Edge his guitar skills. What an encore for Muse to pull out of ...


Have you noticed we're tweeting from completely different places at the same time ?? Omnipresence - it's the only way to do #glasto

Anyone been to Cocktails & Dreams near John Peel? What a horrid cheesebag of 80s pop kitsch - more V than #glasto Why Eavis why??

Looking for something to keep that muse high going?craze are busting out more hip hop classics in wow then snoop did yesterday.

Keep walking - straight on #glasto

Massive massive MASSIVE queue to get into Arcadia #glasto

Head down to wow now to see the craig charles fantasy funk band-packed tent,classics covers and enough bongos to last a lifetime!

Arcadia - intense like the dentist in Marathon Man, beautiful like a sexual happy #glasto http://yfrog.com/594jtqj

Craig charles fantasy funk band gets cut at 3am curfew at #glasto but it was well worth stayin up for!

@VentnorBlog thank you! It's hard work but someone has to do it!

Dog Face Geisha at Plan 9

Dog Face Geisha at Block 9 is incredible, bar with Anime porn in window. Geisha's in dog masks filthy electro open till 5 all good #glasto

Where did the dark go? #glasto #sunariseearlyinthemorning

thesmokeeaters destroying Dance East with DVD turntablism electro filth - why are you in bed?? #glasto

Watching a spanish harpist while waiting to speak to michael eavis at #glasto

According to Michael Eavis, The Edge asked: 'am i gettin paid for this?' before he joined Muse onstage at #Glasto last nite.

The Bees play a new track called 'I Really Need Love' at West Holts at #glasto sounds pretty good to us!

Looking for somewhere to cool off? try the ice cool blasts of air in the confession box at shangri-la at #glasto

Slash carving up Pyramid stage with Night Train and some killer riffs - got an obligatory Jack and coke in celebration #glasto

Slightly Offensive Steve is singing 'she might be a Cunt but i love her' at #Glasto Bimble Inn

The Drums doing the delicious I Wanna Go Surfing at John Peel. Massive singalong. Aces #glasto

Cashpoint queue near John Peel is 50 deep - go to the Nat West ATMs at top of Pyramid. No queue and it won't cost you £2.50 #glasto

Ray Davies has the choir out on the Pyramid Stage at #Glasto

Hardly anyone at the Park stage for Afrobeat legend and Good Bad and the Queen drummer legend - absolute disgrace #glasto

I never thought id see Rage Against The Machine at #Glasto but Craig Charles has dropped 'Killing In The Name'

Leaving glastonbury early? Avoid the A303. 1 hour plus delays eastbound. And probably getting worse

Rodriguez y Gabriela doing an astonishing dual flamenco guitar version of Metallica's Orion at West Holts!

'ive given you ny favourite song' (New York by Jay-Z) says Stevie Wonder as he plays 'Higher Ground' at #Glasto

Orbital absolutely destroying #glasto Other Stage with a vicious version of electro classic Chime http://yfrog.com/2mimiaj

Free bangra lessons in crossiant neuf at #Glasto Shangri-La suddenly seems miles away...

Cubehenge is barely lit as #Glasto falls asleep for the last time in 2010 as a mist covers Pilton.


Tent packed, rubbish recycled and were bidding farewell to #glasto for another 12 months!

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