The A-Z of Glastonbury Festival 2010

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Jamie Skey | 18 June 2010

A is for Anniversary
It is Glastonbury's 40th birthday this year, and to celebrate the Eavis' have booked one of the best line-ups in its history.

B is for Bands
Glastonbury's line-ups are always jam packed with quality bands that span the gamut of style and 2010 is no exception. Whatever you dig, there will be something for you. This year expect great performances from Muse, Stevie Wonder, Foals, Femi Kuti, Bonobo and George Clinton.  

C is for Cider Bus
The Somerset Cider Bus is the perfect pit stop to slake your thirst and be merry. Its spicy brandy-ciders are tops.  

D is for Drum Circle

You can rely on drum circles at the Stone Circle to keep the spirits up all night. Elsewhere there are numerous drum workshops for one to get rhythmically involved.  

E is for Eavis, Michael
A special mention must go to the dairy farmer from Devon. He founded the festival on his Pilton Farm in 1970 after witnessing an inspired Led Zeppelin performance at Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive music. He was also nominated by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.  

F is for Food
Glastonbury is a food and drink extravaganza. You'll find cuisine from all round the world and, compared to other big commercial events, a lot of it's decent. Vegans, veggies and carnivores alike are catered for.  

G is for Green
Organisers are committed to protecting the environment, despite the festival's sprawling chaos. 1,500 square metres of solar panels will power toilets and some stages and since 2000, organisers have planted over 10,000 native trees in the local environment.  

H is for History
Glastonbury is steeped in history. The grounds are founded on mythology, symbolism and religious traditions dating back hundreds of years. It is said King Arthur may be buried nearby and Joseph of Arimathea once walked there too.  

I is for Itinerary

Don't try and plan your festival too much. There is so much to do and see that it is worth going with the flow instead of stressing about bands you're missing.  

J is for June
The festival takes place at the end of June following the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Make the absolute most of those long vibrant summer nights.  

K is for Kids field

The Green Kids area, which is situated on the back half of the Greenpeace field, is made up of a performance marquee, an arts and crafts marquee, outside activities and a ship climbing frame. But parents are asked to be responsible for their children.  

L is for Largest
Glastonbury is the largest green fields music festival in the world, sitting in 900 acres of land more than a mile and a half across with a perimeter of about eight and a half miles.   

M is for Madness
There are things you see at Glastonbury that can never be erased from memory. It is one big carnival city where people experiment and let loose in an unrestrained atmosphere. Caution: you will be shocked at some point during the weekend.  

N is Never Ending

You'll never want it to end. But it will. Sadly, when you're home, it will dawn on you that this utopian weekend can't be lived in normal society everyday.  

O is for Oh Dear
Oh dear, there's always one who gets too hammered at Glasto. Do your utmost to help them though, because it might be you later. The Peace Field is a perfect place to chill when things get too sketchy.  

P is for Pyramid Stage

The festival's main stage has become part of British folklore. Over the years it has seen astonishing shows from the world's greatest acts including David Bowie, Blur, Radiohead and Paul McCartney.  

Q is for Queues
Huge queues are a frustrating inevitability of Glastonbury. Expect multiple hour waits getting in and out. But, hell, they're so worth it!  

R is for Rain
The festival is now practically synonymous with the wet stuff. In 2005, festival-goers put up with over two months worth of rain in several hours- a once in a hundred year occurrence!

S is for Stone Circle
One of the essential Glastonbury experiences is watching the dawn break over the festival site from the Stone Circle. Hundreds gather in the shadows of candle flares as drummers beat spiritedly into the morning.  

T is for Trash City
One of the festival's newest additions, this intergalactic red light district will blow you away with its junk yard strewn with gigantic pyrotechnic beasts.  

U is for Urinals
There are more than 700m of urinals at Glastonbury. So, there's no excuse peeing in a hedge.   

V is for Views
The breathtaking views around the site add to the epic heights of the occasion, especially the vistas on the hill by the Pyramid Stage and the aforementioned Stone Circle.  

W is for Wonder, Stevie
This year the traditionally laid back Sunday night is headlined by the soul legend, in one of his first ever British festival appearances. It will be a special, special night.  

X is for The XX
The young South London trio topped plenty of 'best of' lists in 2009 with their self-titled debut. Expect their John Peel stage appearance to be icily cold and eerily sparse.   

Y is for Yurts
If you don't fancy roughing it, book a luxury yurt. Some include comfortable, clean shower and toilet facilities, which are scarce on the ground in the main arena.  

Z is for Zzzzz

You won't be catching many of these between 25-27 June.

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