The ideal Glastonbury line-up? Have your say!

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Neil Stone | 18 June 2010

Keeping in mind that Glastonbury will be turning 40 this month, Worthy Farm has acted as a turnstile to some of the greatest musical icons of the last four decades. Bolan, Flowers, Springsteen, Cash and Harris have all had career defining moments when they took to centre stage to rock the crowds of Glastonbury (the last one being Rolf in case you didn't pick up on it).

So if you had the chance to put together your very own line-up consisting of whoever you wanted from the performers of the last 40 years, who would you pick and more importantly, who would headline? Not even death can stop your dream line-up from taking place, or touch wood, a back injury!

We've all talked about it at a festival, or even in the build up to it. Whilst sitting just outside your tent (which is probably scattered with empty beer cans and scented with your mates farts, or is that just me?), conversation will inevitably arc towards who you want to see over the weekend. Once this talking point is exhausted, hey presto, you're now talking about your dream line-up. So in the words of the Big Lebowski: "Am I wrong dude?"

To say the least, this is a real head scratcher of a subject and also one of the most difficult. Eavis doesn't know how easy he gets it with all his performers being alive and all. So I've put it all on the line and spent the last few days putting together a 'dream bill' below covering several of the Glastonbury stages which of course, is pioneered selfishly to my musical tastes. You could probably get a good psych profile of myself from the line up, just don't read too much into Robbie Williams performing on the Acoustic Stage. After his 'pie eyed' performance a few years back, I thought I'd put him on straight after affable toker Finlay Quaye in the hope of a repeat performance.

Click here to see Neil’s dream Glastonbury line-up.

There you have it. The three acts I deemed worthy of headlining my 'fantasy Glastonbury ' were T-Rex, The Killers and Bowie in a festival that contains more clashes than a Wrestlemania line-up. It wasn't an easy choice leaving Muse and their over sized UFO on a string off the top of the bill, but with the current status of T-Rex, I really don't think Bellamy and Co. should worry too much.  

And for those of you with a keen eye that noticed Rolf Harris opening the first day on the Pyramid stage, what can I say in my defence? Not only did he participate in a chart battle with Elvis many years ago, but Mr Harris is a time honoured 'Glasto' tradition and not even I will stoop so low as to remove him from the bill.

So with my choices now in the open, please be gentle with your comments. It's not as if I fluffed it like a British goalie now is it?

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