Talk is Tweet: Download Festival 2010

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Ruth Booth, Ali Ryland | 14 June 2010


# #DownloadFest Morning from a cloudy... no sunny... I mean... Bloody hell, make up your mind Download! Suncream and wellies, folks.

# #DownloadFest Rumours onsite suggest AC/DC are getting £5 million for playing Download. Aerosmith? A paltry £1 million.

# #DownloadFest Rumours are building of a possible Dave Grohl guest spot during the set from Taylor Hawkins and The Coattail Riders.

# #DownloadFest Claudio @Coheed says the band will continue after The Armory Wars and we "might" know how very soon. Interview on VF next week

# #DownloadFest @bfmyofficial say "it's an honour" to play the Dio stage, and while he isn't a musical influence, he is "an inspiration".

# #DownloadFest Is that Howard from Killswitch Engage onstage with 36 Crazyfists? You bet your booties.

# #DownloadFest Dave Grohl is backstage at the Red Bull Jam stage as the start of Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders approaches...

# #DownloadFest Anathema dedicate their set to the four lost men of metal: Dio, Gray, Cable and Steel.

# #DownloadFest A Day To Remember seem to be off to a shaky start. Are they intimidates by the stage being dedicated to RJ Dio?

# #DownloadFest "I woke up today with a massive boner" rages Adam D, "I'm fuckin stoked, I'm going to shit in all your mouths!" Nice.

# #DownloadFest Urgent news - the giant Angus hats are inflating! Repeat the giant Angus hats are inflating! #vf

# #DownloadFest Alain Johannes produces a beautiful guitar solo in Them Crooked Vultures' set on the main stage

# #DownloadFest Download holds a minute of applause to remember the legends of rock and metal who have passed away in the last 12 months

# #DownloadFest the sound of a rumbling juggernaut of hell, fireworks and grown men running, screaming like girls. Yes it's Justin Bieber.

# #DownloadFest ... I mean, it's Angus! @AC/DC hit Download like a freight train... With a giant freight train.

# #DownloadFest Angus just did a striptease to The Jack, going all the way down to his AC/DC brand boxers.

# #DownloadFest @AC/DC, it's time for A Whole Lotta Rosie - aka a giant inflatable woman straddling a train.


# #DownloadFest Morning from Download! If you weren't already up, you will be now, Taking Dawn are doing England football chants.

# #DownloadFest Atreyu are wrestling with 'Becoming The Bull' as someone did not tell the tech guys that the drummer does most of the singing!

# #DownloadFest Packed acoustic stage show now, signing in 30 mins, a full Dio stage set tonight. The Blackout don't do fests by halves!

# #DownloadFest The Blackout cover Stereophonics song Traffic in tribute to fellow Welshman Stuart Cable.

# #DownloadFest My Passion single-handedly keeping the Derby crows in check. If the music doesn't scare them, they are made into clothing.

# #DownloadFest Liam from @cancerbats drives the Dio stage crowd wild, spending half the set so far down on the barrier.

# #DownloadFest Some very appropriate horns over on the Dio stage as @cancerbats launch into 'Lucifer's Rocking Chair'.

# #DownloadFest And now the whole Dio stage crowd explodes as @cancerbats kick into their cover cover of 'Sabotage' by Beastie Boys.

# #DownloadFest Oh dear mic issues for Lamb Of God on the main. Is the high beard ratio interfering with transmisson?

#   #DownloadFest We Are The Fallen are doing a heavy take on 'Like A Prayer'

# #DownloadFest Chino from @deftonesband says no firm plans for shelved album Eros, they may make another, but Diamond Eyes is the focus now.

# #DownloadFest The Blackout have recruited half of Kids In Glass Houses for "we all go to he'll, so bring the sunblock."

# #DownloadFest After Dave Mustaine's sweet goodbye and sweeter skills from Megadeth,we're grooving to the dance metal of Senser.

# #DownloadFest The Blackout not only have giant model middle fingers but they treat us to intros of Walk This Way, Back In Black & Killing...

# #DownloadFest Chino from Deftones comes to the stage of 30 Seconds Of Mars to sing 'The Ball'

# #DownloadFest Rage Against The Machine are covering The Clash classic 'White Riot'. The set has been stopped twice for barrier crushes.


# #DownloadFest Morning Download! We always like it when a band brings us roses - even if Dommin have decided to stick them on a mic stand.

# #DownloadFest "Within the band now there's a refresh button, we feel like little kids." @dillingerescpln interview up next week.

# #DownloadFest "I wouldn't expect Anthrax fans to be nice to Fall Out Boy dudes, but they've been super supportive" @thedamnedthings up soon.

# #DownloadFest Happy 30th anniversary Napalm Death! The band kick into 'Scum' on the Dio Stage.

# #DownloadFest Slash and crew are treating us to 'Sweet Child Of Mine'.

# #DownloadFest Lemmy from Motorhead has joined Slash for a singalong.

?# #DownloadFest Anthrax/Every Time I Die/Fall Out Boy super group @TheDamnedThings finish up and the heavens open. Coincidence?

# #DownloadFest @dillingerescpln's Greg Puciato is disappointed there's a lull in the rain mid-way through the set.

# #Downloadfest Scott from Anthrax came onstage with Steel Panther to sing ‘Asian Hooker’.

# #Downloadfest 2 half naked girls made out on the stage of Steel Panther.

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