Talk is Tweet: The Great Escape 2010

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by John Bownas | 21 May 2010

The Great Escape in a Tweet:
#tge10 take a bike, ignore the hype and see random bands, sign up for texts and get places early. Move around, eat tapas and kebabs, try not to sleep.

Top five bands:
@1 #tge10 it’s a tie between @Katzenjammer and @TheAgitator – a bipolar choice but f you want to mix it up put these two back to back!

@3 #tge10 is @TheEightiesMatchboxB-LD for the simple reason that although they are not new they remain fresh.

@3 #tge10 alternative reserve  @Joensuu1685 if we have to stick to new bands – these two guys have power with emphasis to spare.

@4 #tge10 @TheDirtyDisco are a stupendous live proposition. See them at Guilfest this year to find out why.

@5 #tge10 @ROX is going to be one to watch. The most chart-friendly new act at the festival and with a live show that equals her musical skills.



#tge10 @RichAucoin & loving this happy, clappy, electronic disco vibe. Great start to the festival in the basement of Queen’s hotel & the sun is out!

#tge10 @Dansette Junior – nice boys on the end of the pier, but should have gone for the alt-folk stylings of @Danny&TheChampionsoftheWorld. HeyHo.

#tge10 Tubelord cancelled – instead there’s a bloke from James Cleaver Quintet singing & hanging by his ankles from the Freebut lighting rig. LOL

#tge10 Caught @Danny&TheChampions playing out the back of a Red Stripe campervan outside Concord. So glad I did. Perfect summery vibe. Blissed

#tge10 @ROX and she really does. Fantastic voice, loads of stage presence. Rapt by her overall ten-out-of-ten score. Note to self: see her again.

#tge10 @BoNingen and if Japan had this much firepower in WWII they might have done a lot more damage.

#tge10 @PulledApartByHorses so early in the evening for this much energy – too much of this and we won’t last the weekend.

#tge10 @ViolentSoho sneaked in the back door to dodge huge queue for the next band...

#tge10 @EightiesMatchboxB-LD a stunning return to their home turf in one of the smallest festival venues. Hot, sweaty, violent, and intense. Outstanding.

#tge10 @RitchKids nothing remarkable, but a cool show from the young French couple who do THAT killer cover of Children of the Revolution.

@tge10 kebab and a beer beckon from round the back of Queen’s Hotel. Those chicken sheesh are to die for.


#tge10 @ArcadyBliss for some love songs and some more love songs

#tge10 @Joensuu1685 completely astounded by anyone so meek who can deliver European prof-rock of epic proportions. Two guys who could take down Hawkwind.

#tge10 @TheDirtyDisco just too much good music for one afternoon. In your face action that you just can’t turn away from. Blown away.

#tge10 @KimberleyAnne down at the campervan again and moved by the beauty of one girl with her guitar. Loving this spot of grass.

#tge10 @GringoStar it’s a Jon Kennedy presents moment so unsurprised by a great band hiding behind a rubbish name.

#tge10 @EgyptianHipHop hobbled down the road with a flat tyre to check out the hype. Bicycle=essential TGE kit. REMEMBER THIS.

#tge10 @EgyptianHipHop these guys are SO YOUNG but they do have something. Will it grow?

#tge10 @Frankie&TheHeartstrings charisma and songs make for a likeable 30 minutes. Nothing memorable, but a good time.

#tge10 @KidAdrift just waiting for the reverend

#tge10 @ReverendSoundsystem the rev rocks the joint and you can’t help but feel the party swing into top gear. Top Gear.

#tge10 @SilverColumns two mixmasters creating a poptastic blend that closes out day two of a genuinely good festival.

#tge10 @TheBestTapasInBrighton – sipping wine and eating ham and cheese. Missing a few bands, but warming up for later.

#tge10 @OuEstLeSwimmingPool play on the beach with their back to the pier and are drowned in the screams of young girls. What a way to go.

#tge10 @Katzenjammer are without a doubt the showstoppers of the festival. Four girls playing polkas and waltzes that rip up the room. BOOK THEM.

#tge10 @LaurelCollective worthy winners of the Red Stripe New Music Award and an infectious band whose energy spills out to the room.

#tge10 @TheAgitator a singer and a drummer. The Agitator is a phenomenon of majestic proportions. Spellbound by his mighty power.

#tge10 @ThePhenomenalHandclapBand are a psyched out San Francisco tidal wave dripping with the power of American Rock.

#tge10 @TheophilusLondon Hip Hop on the end of a pier in Brighton was always going to be odd. But Theophilus has got what it takes.

#tge10 @Infadels if you have seen Infadels you know how good this show was. If you haven’t yet then next time do.

#tge10 @ChateauMarmont sprecken sie Francais? Here’s a French export that is worthy of tomorrow’s bloodshot eyes.

#tge10 @SleighBells end of the fest and two people should not be able to make such a big sound. Grimy hip-rock that’s better than a double vodka redbull.

#tge10 @myvan and why is it 7am and all my lights are on and the stereo is pumping and there are still a dozen party people up front and a homeless bloke asleep in the back?

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