Kiss - "You wanted the best!"

by Neil Stone | 16 May 2010

Before the once looming KISS curtain at the forefront of the stage has even settled on the floor, the 'Gods of Thunder' are already in motion with the hook enslaving riffs of 'Modern Day Delilah' as Stanley, Simmons and Thayer are raised and then lowered to the stage by way of a mechanical arm. A jaw-dropping elaborate stage entrance filled with explosions and flames which will forever be etched into the memory banks of all those in attendance.   Donning their world famous trademark outfits and face paint, ‘Starchild’ and co. reduce the walls of Wembley to mere piles of rubble as they execute time tested rock songs such as 'Deuce', 'Crazy Crazy Nights' and 'Detroit Rock City'. It beggars belief that these 70's icons can still strut the stage and work the deluge with more tenacity and conviction than the younger and more contemporary artists of today.
There is no abandon to Kiss' inceptive creativity of compositions either and songs such as 'I'm an Animal' and 'Say Yeah' off latest album 'Sonic Boom' are peppered throughout an impressive set list without the air of synthetic retro-rock.
As the last chord of  'Shock Me' rings out, Stanley takes a breather to get some refreshing points off his chest and addresses the Bonos, Billie Joes and the manufactured non-entities in the music industry today. "Some bands will lecture you with their views on politics, who to vote for and wrongs in this world. We're not going to do that. There were wrongs in the world yesterday and there will be wrongs in the world tomorrow. There's no hidden agenda or musicians under this stage. What we four do up here is what you hear out there. Tonight is about rock 'n' roll' and more importantly, we're here to have a good time".
The mosh pit is now swelling with ‘KISS Army’ recruits of all ages as the four piece continues to surprise and dazzle throughout. Be it Simmons with his fire eating, Stanley on a zip wire over the crowd to a revolving stage to perform on, Thayer with a firework loaded guitar or even Singer destroying the spotlights above with his birthday bazooka. Each member of KISS connects with the crowd whilst bringing something to the theatrics with spellbinding effect.
A bone-liquefying bass solo by tongue wriggling Simmons (wielding an 'axe' like bass) leads him to now gush with blood uncontrollably from the mouth. Raising his arms albeit with wings, The 'Demon' takes flight to the rafters of the arena where a small stage has been set up for an unforgettable performance of 'I Love It Loud'.   With the evening heading towards its inevitable curtain call, front man Stanley announces that "this song would be a hymn in the church of rock 'n' roll". The legends launch into Argent's "God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You' with the crowd singing along in perfect unison. Footage of icons The Doors, Hendrix, Joplin and The Beatles amongst others is displayed on the multiple screens crammed on stage next to the ‘Catman’s’ drum kit and on the inconceivably giant screens above.
Thanking the crowd and promising that they'll be back, KISS finish off with an electric performance of fan favourite 'Rock And Roll All Night' as fireworks sparkle, explosions deafen and confetti guns canvas the troops below. Marking the end of an unforgettable night, Paul Stanley proceeds to smash his Washburn guitar on stage and thrusts the broken instrument into the air in a sign of respect for the dedication shown by their loyal legions. With 35 years of performing under their belts and with over 100 million albums sales worldwide, these glam rockers have nothing left to prove and no peers to impress. With classic songs, unparalleled production and flawless performances, KISS can put on a show which is the epitome of what a music event should strive to be. And when it costs just £40 a ticket, it makes you wonder how other bands can willingly charge the same.

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