U2 if you want to, but I'll be elsewhere...

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Daniel Fahey | 30 November 2009

It is somewhat apt that U2 have been chosen to headline the 40th edition of the Glastonbury Festival: they’re the middle of the road, middle-aged band for an event that, in human years at least, is reaching the same milestone.

For Team Eavis, however, it’s the third long-term target they’ve nailed in two years (after Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young in June), so they’ve only really Prince to go. For fans of the band they will be brilliant, but for those who were hoping for one of the other names in the frame for headlining U2 lack the charm of David Bowie, the versatility of Prince or the esteemed credibility of The Rolling Stones.

The booking will be seen as a bit of the coup, especially in the festival world, but in reality it has come 15 years too late with their finest and most relevant work over a generation ago. "At last the biggest band in the world is going to do the best festival in the world,” Michael Eavis declared when the announcement was made, but surely it should be the best band in the world should be playing the best festival in the world. Who that is right now remains up for debate, but following several tepid reviews of their latest offering it resoundingly can’t be U2.

But the love/hate discussion isn’t the only sticking point for their appointment, there’s the lack of green conscious that’s seems to be connected with the booking. At the time of their Glastonbury show the band will be in the middle of a tour of the US and Canada and they are due to perform in Edmonton two days before their appearance and Minneapolis two days after. Let’s hope the Air Miles they’re using have been accrued from green Tesco Clubcard points thanks to Bono taking his own carrier bags to the shop to carry home his Fairtrade bananas.

Either way you won’t be able to find me anywhere near the Pyramid Stage on the Friday night and or, it seems, many of the Virtual Festivals users - luckily Glastonbury has so much else on offer every year.Here are a few choice opinions from our forums, spelling and grammar not corrected:

Dylan, bob: “hope everyone goes to watch them, while im sittting in comfort watching someone good. looks like friday is trash city night then everyone.”

: “I'm sure there will better bands on elsewhere anyway”

Baggins: “Suddenly not being able to go next year doesn't seem quite so bad”

But, as I mentioned earlier, for fans of the band the booking is a dream come true. Over to user Tootsies for the last word: “really chuffed about this..”

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