Sitting on the dock with The Bays

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Phil Brady | 14 November 2009

Friday the 13th was another thrilling and culturally fulfilling night. Loads of friendly people engrossed in conversations about music, and in particular Liverpool music. This city has always had that edge when it comes to popular culture. Back in the 1950's when the boats used to bring in blues and rock and roll records from America and Jamaican rhythms from the West Indies, the Liverpudlians were first in line to embrace the sounds from other cultures as this port lovingly hugs the river Mersey and the Irish Sea.
I bumped into a couples of lad's that had been kicked out of The Echo Arena for smoking, “Ee arr mate have you got a light? We've just been kicked out of The Monkeys” ... surely not, I thought, you look far too young. I found out later that the venue was host to The Arctic Monkeys, not the pseudo Beatlesque cartoons of the sixties. “Do you want any Garrys?” The other one said with a mad smile on his face dancing to the ringtone of my mobile as it rang. It was a message letting me know that Marina and The Diamonds had started half an hour ago so we skipped them and headed up to Bumper where Hot Club de Paris and Field Music were to play.

The main room was jam packed and very hot, quite fitting as Hot Club were on stage as we walked in, I met Mike Deane, the organiser for the first time and we chatted about LMW and the course of the rest of the night. He recommended an after show party at The Loft later which is upstairs in Masque. Field Music are making a comeback with a very unique style of songs. Their presence reminds me of the Joy Division/New Order cusp of mutation. Their persona is electric. The singer/guitarist swapped with the drummer halfway through the set pounding out off beats to a cutting bass line and jaggered guitar rhythm.
The Bays were about to come on back at Masque so we headed on down there. The beauty of Liverpool is, all the venues are really close by, so it's easy to hop from one band to another. It turned out that the band were on late so I stood at the bar overlooking the stage and became engrossed in a conversation about the history of music since the late 1980's. It happened that we talked most of the way through the impromptu performance of The Bays who don't rehearse and no set is ever the same. What a show! Dynamic sound, that venue is amazing, well worth a visit. And The Bays deserve more of my attention too. I will have to catch up with them another time.

We took Mike's advice and stayed in Masque, upstairs, The Loft was host to dubstep/drum and bass night 'Eat Your Greens' - again, packed out and jumping. Everyone was well into it through to the early hours of the day, though the comfort of my bed called as my limited energy supply needed to be conserved for a busy weekend ahead.
We sat on the dock for a while watching the spaceships roll in ... or was that a dream?

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