Dissected: Dubai Sound City 2009

United Kingdom United Kingdom | 10 November 2009

In review…

Dubai Sound City 2009: Rated!

‘Shaun Ryder spends the entire show with his finger in his ear, singing like a nasal northern bingo caller’

In opinion…

Blog one: Sober Sound City: can our hedonistic heroes perform dry in Dubai?

‘The United Arab Emirates has very strict laws surrounding sex out of marriage, drink and drugs. It could look like the Mondays are using the trip for a winter drying out session with plenty of sunshine and seven star hotels’

Blog two: Dubai Sound City, erm, shock: Bez can't get into the county...

‘The crowd is made up almost entirely of ex-pats, sweating profusely like an aerobics class in a sauna’

Blog three: If three is the magic number, then four is just bad luck...

‘Woozy revellers could be found trying to flag down taxis outside the venue like a real-life game of Frogger’

In interview…

…with The Wombats

‘He got into a tent and woke up next to a randomer’

In the words of the organisers...

Blog one
Taxi drivers are asking what band I’m in, the hotel want to know which celebrities are staying there and I’m convinced that in the porters back pocket is an autograph book…just in case…'

Blog two
Sheffield’s electronic pioneers the Human League burst onto the main stage with a setlist that would not be out of place in a top ten list of the greatest electro pop songs ever.

In news…

Day one
‘“This is the first you’ll see The Farm onstage without alcohol”’

Day two

‘“Where are we?” Ryder joked at one point, “Blackpool?”’

Day three
‘“Dubai, we’re Echo and the Bunnymen from Cardiff, thank you very much,” joked singer Gruff Rhys’

In pictures…

Shooting Sound City

All the shots from onsite photographer Mark McNulty

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