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United Kingdom United Kingdom | by David J Pichilingi | 27 October 2009

TV or not TV that is the question...

This question does not relate to me questioning the pros and cons of wearing women’s clothing. That answer is obvious. It relates to the complications of negotiating the rights of televisual broadcasting for the content of Dubai Sound City. This week it seems the world and his wife have all taken a massive interest in getting their hands on footage for the launch of Dubai Sound City. That said none of them have any money... Everybody it seems wants something for free and has endless reasons of the tumultuous benefits to be gained by our good selves in just giving it away. Is this symptomatic of the culture we now live in as the industry shrinks through ever shallower ponds in which to fish due to the onslaught of technology... Not that I am a Luddite. I welcome change with open arms but with it comes lots of problems that might also be termed opportunities depending upon which hill you are stood on.

So, nearly a week to go. Everything is shaping up to be the most amazing 3 days the UAE has ever witnessed. We are flying in over 100 bands (including Happy Mondays, Echo and The Bunnymen, and The Human League) and 40 speakers who will be coming into Dubai on over 1000 flights and sleeping over 5000 hotel bed nights. Booking this lot alone has been a mammoth task, and not without the odd hissy fit and diva distraction. Mentioning no names!

I am happy to say we are nearly there. I am due to fly out to Dubai end of this week for final on the ground planning and today... I go down with flu. I might also add it is the worst kind, manflu. As I write this I am feeling sorry for myself whilst responding to phone calls and emails regarding all the last minute planning and finer details.  
Also, well done to our competition winner. The lovely Liz and her partner Jason will be joining us for some fun in the sun! Check back on Virtual Festivals for their story in a few weeks.
For those of you still itching to be part of the action there is still time. Tickets available here http://platinumlist.ae/dsctickets/

Come and join us for what is going to be the world’s hottest winter music festival.  

Remember to pack your sun cream and bring me some Lemsip.

David J. Pichilingi
For more information relating to tickets and travel visit our website at:

P.S. Don’t forget to vote for Liverpool Sound City as ‘Best Metropolitan Festival’ at www.festivalawards.com

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