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United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates | by David J Pichilingi | 15 October 2009

What is it about bands and the egos some of them develop when they perceive they have some form of inflated importance brought on by some column inches of praise for their musings on life? Or is it they begin to believe the stories in their promos and find it difficult to measure ‘real life’ versus ‘made up life’ as designed by marketing people? Would they behave this way with mum and dad, nana and granddad round the Christmas dinner table? I don’t think so.

Actually to be fair this is slightly unfair as I am referring to a minority of artists and in some of those cases not the actual acts but the ‘guards’ in front of them. In my experience they are the biggest problem… I think it is to do with their desire to create meaning and identity for themselves and this can only be done by becoming dickheads of the highest order thereby becoming instantly memorable and recognizable, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Anyway off my soapbox before I leave the safe territory of vagueness and wander into the dangerous area of specificity.

Dubai Sound City is nearly on us. In fact it is so close I am beginning to get that sick feeling and waking up at 5am in the morning panicking about how many toilets we have in the main arena and what paper shall we print the programme on. I should actually just relax. Our teams in both Dubai and Liverpool are well on target to deliver what is going to be the most exciting event in the UAE since they first unearthed black gold. All the final touches and finer details that make Sound City so unique and special are now being added. I am particularly looking forward to taking over our old Liverpool compadres Echo and The Bunnymen after listening to their new album this week, and We Have Band who impressed me massively at Liverpool Sound City this year.  

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Did you enter the competition yet?  There is still time.  Just follow this link for the chance to join us for the launch of Dubai Sound City.

Currently the phone is off the hook as it seems just about everyone wants to be in Dubai for the launch of the world’s hottest winter music festival.  

I really need to relax and not get too excited too fast… There is only so much a man can take and I need a decent night’s sleep before the big day arrives.

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David J. Pichilingi

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