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10 September 2009

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Who actually goes to festivals and what's the most important to them out of: clean toilets, big headliners, slick organisation, lack of sponsorship, crime prevention, quality of sound and prices of tickets, food and beer, in 2009?

How does this compare to previous years?

How is the recession really affecting people's desire and ability to attend festivals?

Has concern for the environment evaporated as times have got tougher?

Does anyone still care about Secondary Ticketing?

Millions of pounds are spent and fundamental decisions made by festival organisers based on pure SPECULATION of the above, much of which could well be inaccurate.

The UK Festival Census aims to replace this with FACT so that the right decisions are made and money is invested in the best ways to make the festival scene more enjoyable for fans, and more successful as a result for organisers.


As well as supplying the findings to the festival industry so they know exactly what to focus on next year, we will reveal the most interesting bits here for you to read about.

And did we mention that everyone who takes part is entered into a prize draw to win a shiny new iPod Touch (pictured) with 16GB of memory - enough for thousands of tunes, photos and videos?

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