Glastonbury Daily News: Saturday

United Kingdom United Kingdom | | 28 June 2003

It was too much to hope that the weather would hold out for the whole weekend. But then again, it wouldn't be Glastonbury without some rain and mud, and that is exactly what we got! Having reassured themselves that the preceeding weeks of sun would hinder mud production, festival goers were undeterred and headed out in newly purchased macs and wellies to get on with it, British style. Not everyone chose the rain option: The festival's supply of free condoms dwindled massively during the rainy spells as couples decided to stay indoors and entertain themselves!

The highlight of the festival so far for us is that we managed to secure a gig for our friend Simon Friend (guitarist in the Levellers) in the Leftfield on Sunday! This all arose after we bumped into his friend at the 'Steam Boat' stall, and she told us that Simon wished he could play this year. In fact, he didn't even have a ticket, so after dropping her off at the gates, he had driven home alone! On hearing this, the Virtual Festivals crew flung themselves into full-on Jim'll fix it mode and got it all sorted. Tonight, Simon is performing in Rome with The Levellers. Tomorrow, he will fly back to the UK and will arrive on-site in the early evening. On Sunday, he will perform a 45 minute solo slot in the Leftfield, thanks to Geoff (who runs it). Thanks also to Q for the great publicity!

For those festival goers who are suffering withdrawal from Big Brother, there is no need to fear as a Glastonbury version has been created. Named 'Big Caravan: I'm a Hippy, Get Me Out of Here', and located in the Lost Vagueness field, festival goers can witness first hand the ten volunteer hippies that are locked in a caravan for twelve hours. It doesn't get more exciting than that.

If you're looking for something a bit more personal then you could always try the Greenpeace Soulmates tent to find your one true love. All you have to do is complete a questionaire and then you will be matched to compatible festival goer and hopefully love and eternal bliss will follow!

Things are still looking good from the police's point of view as crimes is reported to be significantly reduced in comparison to last year's figures. Outside the fence (yes, there is still a world out there!) and in the neighbouring villages, incidents are also reported to be down. All this goes towards keeping the festival going so let's keep it up!

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- Photographer: Sara Bowrey

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