Nominate your Most Memorable Moment of 2009

United Kingdom United Kingdom | 09 September 2009

In previous years we’ve left it up to our journalists to choose the unforgettable events that have stood out all summer, but this year it’s up to you.

Here are a few we’ve come up with to see the sort of thing we’re after:

Thom Yorke giving ‘True Love Waits’ a very rare and intimate outing during his solo set at Latitude Festival.

The sea of Chinese lanterns floating above an exploding Tower Of Babel at Secret Garden Party.

Amy Winehouse’s surprise appearance at V Festival, joining The Specials onstage for ‘You’re Wondering Now’ and ‘Ghost Town’

To nominate your Most Memorable Moment, simply write yours in the comment box below.

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wrote on Wednesday 26 August :

Had to be Damon Albarn collapsing in a sea of man-tears during 'To The End' at Glastonbury during Blur's emotional return to the big stage. There wasn't a dry eye in the field.

wrote on Thursday 27 August :

Snow patrol stepping up to the plate and delivering a mind blowingly good set in hylands park + the encore with wonderwall and champagne supernova (with extra added.. ive forgotten the lines laughing), didnt need oasis when we had snowpatrol.

wavevader wrote on Monday 7 September :

Watching Neil Young as the sun went down at Isle of Wight was my highlight, culminating in wrecking his guitar during his cover of A Day In The Life. Amazing show by a true living legend.

MickenInBarny wrote on Monday 7 September :

My most memorable moment was at Glastonbury this year - a 15 minute sprint across the site from the Pyramid to the Park because Jon texted that he was taking pictures of Muse....who turned out to be Gaz Coombes. Gutted. Then we had to go all the way back and resume our positions for Fleet Foxes - it was worth a shot!

wrote on Tuesday 8 September :

Radiohead playing at reading out of this world

wrote on Tuesday 8 September :

Def Leppard at Download 2009. Joe Elliot called the festival "Donnington Monster of Rock" and said it would always be known as that. Memorable because he talked about their gig there 23 years ago, their 1st after rick lost his arm and I WAS THERE TOO! They are still as passionate and still as good.

wrote on Tuesday 8 September :

Another most memorable for me was at Sonisphiere 2009 just before Limp Bizkit when a young guy said he though my Reading Rock '82 t-shirt was really cool and that he had never seen one that old before !! LOL.

wrote on Wednesday 9 September :

Tribfest 2009 It Just gets better The cleanest most affordable festival in the UK. Plus Loo roll in each toilet from the start of festival to the en. An amazing weekend with a clean bum!!

misscjones wrote on Thursday 10 September :

V Fest Hylands Park. Amy Winehouse crawling around the stage at Pete Doherty's ace headline set. Swinging off his neck & trying to kiss him. The added joy of Nikki Graham of Big Bro fame next to us asking if it was actually Pete Doherty & trying to attract his attention.

wrote on Friday 11 September :

Chunky Butt Funky at the finale of Limetree festival, bringing a rainbow of muscians together on stage to share the love, just as a rainbow appeared in the sky- oh precious moments!

wrote on Thursday 17 September :

Utah Saints closing the Wickerman Festival... as the Wicker Man burned on the hill they played a special remix of The Maypole Song from the movie soundtrack. Spooky!

wrote on Saturday 19 September :

soulwax mashed up all of us at bestival bosh!!!

wrote on Wednesday 23 September :

Its gotta b Gaz Commbes anouncing his 'Real Sellindge Hard on' to the crowd at The Sellindge Music Festival down in Kent this Summer. Its on u tube as well. A worthy headline act too.

wrote on Wednesday 23 September :

MickenInBarny wrote on Thursday 24 September :

Damn, i missed the beautiful clams :-)

nathanreece94 wrote on Friday 25 September :

MACHINE ****IN' HEAD walking on stage at Sonisphere after all the controversy. =D

noelleabella wrote on Thursday 12 November :

24/06/2009 This was my first year at attending glastonbury festival we got in around tea time so by the time we got parked and stuff out the the car it was getting dusky.I had butterflies i could hear shouting and cheering as i walked up to where we was guna camp i looked down saw all the lights and how vast it was i started to cry and i just stood and thought im here the best festival in the world the place i longed to go since i was 14 yrs old and im now 35 ,

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