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United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Christian O'Connell | 21 August 2009

This weekend Absolute Radio is broadcasting live from V Festival and after weeks of talking about it, I'm looking forward to just getting down there. The exodus to Hylands Park has already begun and the office is cluttered with weekend bags and those irritating wheelie cases that people attack you with on the tube. There's so much planning (and the odd breakdown) that goes into moving a radio station from our cosy studios in Golden Square, London, to a field in Essex but no matter how organised you are there's no telling what will happen on-air.

Sadly due to over doing the free beer and cocktails one year I thought it would a great idea to crash into the live studio, at 10pm! Ben Jones was live to the nation and started shouting and then fell over.

This year a couple of nudists won V Festival tickets on my show so they've promised to turn up stark b*llocks naked which will actually be better than the sight of my producer Brian wandering around in an adult nappy like he did last year. He was in an adult nappy as I was trying to sell them to all the people queuing as you can wonder round drinking using the nappy without having to use those smelly loos!

Festival fever can also wreak havoc off-air too. It's like when you're on holiday and you lose all sense of being a responsible adult. Suggs bet me his antique Rolls Royce that I couldn't drink as much Guinness as he could and that bet ended with the car being driven into a swimming pool which had been set up in the backstage VIP area.

It's funny to think of things like that now we're all watching our money but people don't need a swimming pool to disgrace themselves, just a bit of sunshine and a pint will do. What's really great though is that even in a recession, festivals and live music are still thriving. They've become part of British culture and I don't think anywhere does it better.

There's no telling what this weekend will bring but you'll be able to hear it all live on air and unfortunately for me, it will all be captured in pics and video too so see you there!

Tune into Absolute Radio to hear the latest from V Festival on 105.8FM in London, nationwide on 1215AM and DAB, and online at http://www.absoluteradio.co.uk

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