Oasis: 'V Festival is always our favourite'

They also call Glastonbury-goers 'yoghurt weavers'

Photographer: Mark Holloway12 August 2009

During an interview with Virtual Festivals film-maker Eleanor Conway, the band also fuelled their ongoing feud with Glastonbury branding festival-goers ‘yoghurt weavers’.Speaking to VF, bassist Andy Bell admitted, “[V Festival is] always our favourite actually, I’m not just saying that it really is.” When asked why they prefer V Festival to the likes of Glastonbury, Bell answered, “It’s the audience, it’s our audience really, it’s our people.”

Guitarist Gem Archer then interrupted saying he prefers V Festival because it is “louder for a start,” before he's heard to say, “yogurt weavers.” When asked what he meant, Archer replied, “you know, farmers - people who weave yoghurts,”  referring to Glastonbury-goers.

To watch the full interview click on the player in the top right hand corner.

Oasis and The Killers will headline V Festival 2009 which is sold out, but tickets are available on Viagogo here.

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