James Barton (Creamfields) Blog #5

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by James Barton | 10 August 2009

I can’t believe it’s August and I haven’t blogged for over a month. I am en route from Ibiza 35,000 feet above the white isle heading back to Blighty …
At this stage of the year my weekends are not my own so it is always difficult to make it to other peoples festivals, but I made a decision at the beginning of the year to get out and see what other people are doing.  In the last month I have been able to attend both Wireless and Camp Bestival and although very different shows, I had a really good time at both and both seemed really busy (which is good news).
Wireless was everything I expected from a huge show in the middle of London and although not exactly a traditional festival for some of you out there, I didn’t care a jot as I had a good laugh with some great friends and I got to stay close by in a 5* hotel with all the luxury that you expect.  The line up was pretty cool, but I have to confess that I did spend most of my time in the Live Nation Hospitality Tent not seeing much apart from Kanye and the Jaxx.
Camp Bestival was a million miles away from Wireless! In the middle of nowhere, 1000’s of kids and not a 5* hotel in sight. But excellent and brilliant all the same – I have to say that the Bestival crew have it nailed down there.   
What they do is unique and cool at the same time. An out and out family festival and totally not the usual all night rave I am used to. The crowd was so well behaved, I did start to wonder if anyone was going to get crazy and get themselves nicked!
July also saw Creamfields Czech Republic go off without too much hassle, not the biggest show we do – but still in development with hopes for the future.
This month sees the mighty Creamfields UK happen and I can happily predict a sell out this year. There is a really good buzz on the show and the sales are as good as I can remember. At this stage we are not on site, so not much to report from there, but the office is busy with various functions with guest list always being the one area that remains as hot as ever. I am hoping for good weather although we said that about July. August will also see the last of our Creamfields shows in Europe with Spain, Ukraine and Malta still to come.
Speak soon.
James Barton
Creamfields CEO


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