Pop gets the nods at day three of T In The Park

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Gavin McInally, Joe O'Brien, Daniel Fahey | 12 July 2009

The Script's lead singer Danny O’Donoghue claims it’s a good job the Scots can sing, which proves perfect as the fans sing along as the ever-increasing wind makes it harder for them to hear.

With enough space to catch a breath again under the giant canvas dome, American singer songwriter Regina Spektor pulls up a chair behind what must be the largest piano to ever feature at T and treats the crowd to her haunting vocals and dreamy melodies. ‘Laughing With’ is a goose pimple inducing highlight in an enchanting set.

Being Scottish gets you further than you might thin at T In The Park, with The Dykeenies making a closing point. Around 15 people are lifted on shoulders as the pop group play (unfortunate pun ahead) ‘Pick You Up’. The band must show Radio 1’s influence over the NME’s on the Radio 1/NME Stage as the quartet run cleanly though their pop numbers. The Scottish flags hiding their speakers can only disguise so much as ‘Stitches’ (another awful pun ahead) ties together a radio-friendly set that is more garish than the bassist’s light green t-shirt and pale jeans.

Pressed in the pickles in a jar with thousands more fans queuing outside, desperate to get a glimpse of the UK’s freshest girl group, The Saturdays, the pop factor comes to T in Style. A cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ gets the party in full swing before the girls run through their easy-on-the-ear karaoke style numbers to the delight of he ogling masses.

Daniel ‘the voice’ Merriweather does the King Tut’s Tent proud early in the day with a capacity turnout who are more than happy to help out with mass sing-alongs to his hits from ‘Love and War’.

“We’re all going to get wet,”
shouts Seasick Steve as the first of the rain soaks TITP 2009. But the unfortunate showers don’t dampen our spirits as first on the bill is rough-edged ‘Thunderbirds’ which gets us going and in the mood.

Steve admits the rain is making life easier for himself on Sunday’s Main Stage as he ‘slips and slides’ through ‘Heading South’. And then it’s the trademark dungarees which get cast aside amid wolf whistles from the crowd – although he fails to plug in his guitar to raise a few laughs.

His “piece of shit” three string G-tar makes a warm welcome for ‘Cut My Wings’ but it’s his introduction of the ‘Diddley-do’ – believe it or not a 2x4 with ‘a string on it’ which grabs the cheers.

This is just good honest rock and roll that Steve provides and he wins our hearts – if he hadn’t already done so – by jumping off stage screaming: “I need me a girl” and grabbing a beautiful blonde to serenade on stage with ‘Walking Man’. The highlight of the weekend - which is backed up by the crowd’s boos after his set was cut short by five minutes.

Shifted up due to a programme change, The Gaslight Anthem are as frenetic as they are welcome. Tattooed frontman Brian Fallon can’t stop smiling as they shoot off ‘Old White Lincoln’ early. The large and responsive Radio 1/NME Stage crowd give back as much as they take, clambering on each other’s shoulders with their shirts off, despite the threat of rain. “I love playing here,” admits Fallon before the band run into ‘The ‘59 Sound’. “It’s my fifth wedding anniversary," the singer muses, “I’ve still got no money, but you’ve come out to see us,” he declares as the band rumble into ‘Meet Me By The Riverbed’, just as the sun breaks through – ah!

T In The Park 2009
continues with Blur, Pet Shops Boys and TV On The Radio.

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