Getting fruity: Peaches before Get Loaded In The Park

United Kingdom United Kingdom | 17 August 2009

Where in the world are you right now?
Peaches: “I’m in London."

Before you became Peaches you were a dance and drama teacher, at what point did you decide you wanted to be a live performer and producer full time?  
P: “I was doing it all at the same time. It’s like the movie Flashdance where she is a welder by day and a dancer by night.”

You play almost all the instruments for your songs, you program your own electronic beats and produces your records. Do you prefer performing live or working in the studio where you can make all your own sounds?
P: “Performing is immediate satisfaction and studio takes time. I like the immediate!”

Your songs have featured in movies such as ‘Mean Girls’, ‘Waiting...’, ‘Jackass Number Two’, ‘My Little Eye’ and ‘Lost in Translation’. Do you have any desires to score an entire film?
P: “It would be fun to do a score and appearance at the same time like Jonathan Richman in the movie Something About Mary”

You’ve done a number of collaborations over the years – Iggy Pop, Marilyn Manson, Bloc Party and Chicks On Speed to name a few. Who have you most enjoyed working with during your career?
P: “Iggy is the best. Always on it and fun!”

Which bands/singers have inspired you over the years?
P: “Wendy O Williams from The Plasmatics.”

You have an extremely hectic schedule over the summer. You’re performing at a number of festivals all over the world, what do you enjoy most about playing in the UK?
P: “Hmmm they speak English?! They get my stage banter.”

Do you prefer playing at an open air festival or at a small intimate venue?
P: “Intimate venues are always the most fun and sweaty.”

Are you looking forward to our Get Loaded in the Park festival this summer?
P: “Yes definitely!”

Which other acts are you hoping to catch?
P: “I don't know because I go to the sites and the things that come up are burgers and beer so I guess I will just get loaded!”

Where is the strangest place you’ve ever performed?
P: “In a hotel room.”

Which of your songs do you most enjoy performing live?
P: “Love them all. A variety is the key.”

Your live shows are pretty mental to say the least. Can you describe that feeling you have when you’re up on stage?
P: “I’m just focused and giving the audience 500%.”

Your new album, ‘I Feel Cream’ has been described as your most ‘pop-sounding’ album to date. If so, was this a conscious decision?
P: “It just happened.”

Was it a fun album to make?
P: “Yes it was fun to make.”

You recruited some killer artists to work on the new album - Simian Mobile Disco, Soulwax, Digitalism and Drums of Death. How did that all come about?
P: “They are friends of mine and as you said killer artists!”

What gives you your inspiration for your amazing lyrics and song name choices?
P: “All the things missing in pop culture.”

What do you do like to do in-between shows when you’re touring?
P: “Sleep and visit friends.”

Do you collect anything from all the places you visit around the world? If so what?
P: “Candy rappers.”

Do you like peaches?

P: “Blueberries are my fave.”

Get Loaded In The Park 2009
takes place on Clapham Common from 30 August with Orbital headlining.

Tickets are still on sale priced at £35. Click here to buy Get Loaded tickets now.

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