Handing over the reigns... for a lovely week

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Steve Jenner | 30 June 2009

Just got back from my 11th Glasto with a cleansed soul and a filthy body...

Woah, was it a good one. I know because 24 hours later I'm still aching all over and after a full day in the office I still feel ever so slightly pleasantly detached from the real world.

I guess the famous Glasto afterglow is like a minor version of a near death experience when people come back with a new outlook on life, liberated from its everyday pressures and stresses. I know it only lasts a few days in this case but it's a lovely feeling and I intend to enjoy it to the full while it remains. If only it was possible to feel like that all the time.

The VF crew had a blinder at Worthy Farm, especially me. Building on the delegation strategy we piloted at the Isle Of Wight recently, I entrusted all our planning and coverage to VF's Editor Dan. In fact we had some fun and took it a stage further, flipping the roles entirely - Dan and the guys were put in charge of the whole company for the week! I got to be the staff - the runner, basically. This wasn't easy for me to do - would you hand over your child (along with half a dozen cases of beer and wine) to a bunch of professional party animals at Glastonbury? Have you seen these people? Well, I'm bloody glad I did - they couldn't have done me more proud.

The result: once again, the team pulled something out the bag that blew my expectations and anything we've previously achieved at Glasto out the water. See for yourself here. Plus,  everyone was even back in the office by 9 this morning! I have never loved my team more.

And what's more, by letting go of the steering wheel I was able to enjoy the festival in a way I've never done before. Sure, I had my work cut out, running around from stage to stage, reviewing acts on Dan's orders, but being able to leave the overall operation at the gates, in someone else's capable hands, if only for a few days, allowed me to succumb to the full Glasto magic and it was an amazing, liberating experience - a real treat that I am tremendously grateful for. Huge love and thanks to the 2009 VF Glasto squad: Annie, Sara, Ali, Jon, John, Tom, Pete, Alex, Greg and, especially, Dan. The best in the world.

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