Q-Tip toasts Jacko, does the robot at Glastonbury

The Streets, Animal Collective, The Dead Weather and more


Photographer:Justin Madgwick

United Kingdom United Kingdom | 27 June 2009

The ex-Tribe Called Quest member was introduced to the stage by his DJ, the infamous DJ Scratch spinning James Brown’s ‘Sex Machine’ sample. Q-Tip looked immaculate in a leather jacket, flat cap, shorts and long socks before immediately engaging with the crowd by pointing at individuals, “you get up and get involved.”

His set spanned his most recent album, ‘Renaissance’ as well as a host of his Tribe back catalogue, “I’m not talking about that Hip-Hop bullshit. Shall we get some real Hip-Hop on? The Tribe Called Quest shit!” he said, before playing a host of older tracks including, ‘Tick Tock’.

A poignant moment comes mid-set when he hushes the crowd, reaches for his Cristal bottle before emptying a quarter of it onto the stage floor.  “There’s a drink for my man. Everyone who has a cup, raise it up.[To] Michael!” From there on after it becomes a party with Q-Tip not showing his age and bounding effortless across the floor, only slowing once to perform The Robot across the stage and back for the crowd during his fantastic set.

Up on the Park Stage Animal Collective drew a massive crowd for what turned out to be a rather un-engaging set. The trio, two wearing Ortbial style head torches, eagerly got recent single ‘Girls’ out by the second track, as the chopped abstract and awkward beats made a bass for layered electro swashes. Despite a large crowd and splendid light show, the group simply couldn’t elevate from their record to their live show.

Earlier on in the evening Mike Skinner took to the Jazz World stage dressed like a ‘Kevin and Perry’ extra, donning a bucket hat, bomber jacket and shorts. The Streets were in an energetic mood and immediately won over the crowd by launching into ‘Let’s Push Things Forward’.

In between songs Skinner got philosophical, “this is not about [The Streets] this is about you!” Before enquiring on the welfare of the audience, “show me how mad [the mud] is out of ten with your fingers in the air.”

The set had its lulls with ‘Never Went To Church’ and the two newly twittered songs getting an airing. But, as always, it is the debut album tracks and ‘Dry Your Eyes’ which got the best response. The latter, Skinner told the crowd was the cue to play, “a tragic song now, but I’m going to let the band playing something for you,” before launching into a cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ for a touching sing-a-long.

The set ended on a high with crowd-pleaser ‘Blinded By The Lights’ with Skinner asking the crowd to all “get low," before the final 32 beats kick in sending the fans into the night happy.

Glastonbury Festival 2009 continues today with Baaba Maal, Bon Iver and Horace Andy.

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