Orbital to reform for The Big Chill

Celebrating 20 years of rave anthems

Photographer:Mark Grimmer

24 November 2008

Says Paul: “We’ve never said never. It’s something I suspected would happen, which is why we kept hold of certain key bits of odd equipment. We know Guy and Pete and various people from the Big Chill, we’ve both played there in our solo capacities and both liked it. There have been slight rumblings about getting back together before but it didn’t feel good. This time it just felt right.”

Orbital’s live comeback will coincide with the 20th anniversary of their debut single Chime,  a rave-era classic recorded for less than £100, which cracked the Top 20. But the brothers insist the Big Chill show has nothing to do with nostalgia for the Summer of Love.

It’s not an exercise in nostalgia at all, the time just seems right,” says Phil. “They came to us with the offer, and everything just seemed to fall into place. I’ve played at the Big Chill before, I DJed there and played with Long Range, and had a really good time. It’s a lovely festival. Also the timing seems good: 20 years of being together.”

Orbital have a strong festival heritage and are particularly revered for their Glastonbury sets of the mid nineties.

Big Chill Festival Music Programmer Guy Morley commented that “Orbital’s return is a massive coup, and a great way to kick things off for next year’s festival. They have been one of the most important dance artists of the last twenty years, with an influence felt throughout the myriad of different movements in today’s electronica scene.”

The Big Chill, which claimed the 'Best Toilets' Award in this year's UK Festival Awards for the second year running, returns to Eastnor Castle on 7th to 9th August 2009. Stay posted to VF for more news, line-up confirmations and rumours over the coming weeks.


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