Placebo to play historic MTV EXIT concert

Multi platinum rockers will perform against human trafficking

Placebo to play historic MTV EXIT concert

Photographer: Sara Bowrey24 November 2008

The trio will be performing at a historic MTV Exit (End Exploitations and Trafficking) concert on December 7, adding their support to a campaign tackling a crime that affects millions worldwide.

The band members said: “We are incredibly proud to perform at this important concert. We hope that through our music and involvement in this event and the MTV EXIT campaign that millions of people learn about this tragic form of slavery.”

They will be joined by American Grammy and Tony award winner Duncan Sheikh, Australian pop sensation Kate Miller-Heidke, America’s The Click Five and a host of Cambodia’s biggest names.

The temple, a UNESCO world heritage site, Cambodia’s national icon, and backdrop to the first Tomb Raider movie will be hosting its very first rock concert.

Masterminded by the MTV Europe Foundation, the event will be the basis for a series of documentaries broadcast worldwide.

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