Elbow need YOU!

Elbow need YOU!

Photographer: Mike EccleshallMike Eccleshall on 24 April 2003

If you were in the crowd for Glastonbury 2002, Elbow want to give you credit for singing along!

Their brand new single titled 'Grace under Pressure' features the crowd singing "We still believe in love, so f*ck you" recorded at the live show at Glastonbury 2002. As a thank you to the audience, they now wish to collect the names of everyone who sang along to add to the credits on the album.

If you were there, just go along to www.elbow.co.uk/glastonbury to add your name and email address.
You will then get an email  back and (space permitting) get the mention that you so justly deserve!

The band are confirmed to co-headline the second stage of The Radio One Stage with The Polyphonic Spree at The Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festivals. They will be playing Reading on the Friday and Leeds on Saturday.

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