Reef to play Download Festival

Reef to play Download Festival

Photographer: John Bownas16 April 2003

Youthful cross-dressing four-piece Violent Delight will unleash a fiery cocktail of grinding riffs, punk melodies and teen toilet humour to the Festival. Having won over a dedicated fanbase with singles such as the poontang loving anthem 'Secret Smile' and the P-Rock chart topper 'I Wish I Was A Girl', you can catch VD at the Kerrang!/Radio 1 Stage on Sunday. "Huh, huh, Beavis, you said 'poontang'..."

Sick of 'nu metal'?  Then pop over to the Kerrang!/Radio 1 Stage on Saturday and check out Chimaira.  Dubbed figureheads of 'The New Wave of American Heavy Metal', this sextet from Columbus, Ohio are determined to bring classic metal back to the masses with their impending album, 'The Impossibility Of Reason' (12th May).  Even Kerry King has espoused the virtues of Chimaira in various magazines and there's no better endorsement for the NWOAHM than the Slayer axeman!

Joining the Scuzz Stage on Saturday will be Reef. They have no qualms describing themselves as "a great, dirty rockéné roll band."  Truth be told, there are few modern day British rock bands that can match Reef for their effortless full-on fire-power and blues-soaked swagger.  The band release a new single, "Waster", 2 days later on June 2nd with a full length DVD on June 16th.

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