Bands benefit from the Glastonbury bounce

As Jay-Z's 'dis' appears on the Internet

Photographer: Peter Corkhill03 July 2008

All three headliners are moving swiftly up the charts, while Elbow's latest offering 'The Seldom Seen Kid' is set for the top 20 this Sunday.

But the most surprising re-entry is Oasis whose 1995 album 'What's The Story (Morning Glory)', which has seen sales increase eight-fold after Jay-Z mockingly used 'Wonderwall' as his introduction to his Saturday night slot.

The rapper played an acoustic version of the track for his entrance while a video that featured Noel Gallagher's "Jay-Z at Glastonbury – Fuckin' no chance" comments was played over the top.

Jay-Z's Glastonbury montage wasn't allowed to be broadcast on television, but it has since been posted on the Internet.

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