Dress to impress at Glastonbury's Shangri La

United Kingdom United Kingdom | 18 June 2008

The new night-time area will feature more than 20 alternative arenas and stages, from the Insect Circus to the Love Tank, and anyone with a dress sense of adventure is invited.

Other venues include the Tilted Disco, the Secret Beer Garden, the Gramaphone Salon and the First Class Lounge - each encouraging its own unique dress code.

As exclusively reported on VF, the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Hayseed Dixie, Mystery Jets and Florence And The Machine will be performing in Shangri La over the weekend, as well as Hawkind's Nik Turner - the only man to have played every single Glastonbury!

So how will you ensure your ticket to some of these secret and intimate sets? Get dressed up of course. Here's how...

Slumbarave – “the ultimate after-party”

STYLE GUIDE: anything you would wear to bed! (there will be items of clothing provided upon entry)

Slip off your jeans and wellies and slip into something a little more comfortable...the sleepover makeover features smokers jackets, striped pyjamas, slippers and frilly nighties heavy on the winceyette and nylon.
A haven of comfort with fluffy white sheepskins and sparkly cushions on giant beds adorned with luxurious eiderdowns in bright colours. Throughout the twilight hours a monster mash-up of sleep related songs and lullabies will be mixed back to back with sleep referenced rock, rave and disco classics.
What actually goes on in here is a bit of a mystery, I don’t want to worry you but anything could happen….

The Velvet Tipped Jacuzzi Lounge

STYLE GUIDE:  Nudity! Or swimwear

A bubbly sanctuary for slippery souls. The hottest ticket on site is golden and allows you and two guests of your choice to enjoy the sumptuous delights of The Velvet Tipped Saloon’s Jacuzzi Lounge. Relax and let the bubbles take you away as you watch a show on our exclusive stage and sip fruity cocktails served to your tub. Hot showers, 50’s beachwear, lounge DJs and good company can all be yours at this most salubrious secret venue.

STYLE GUIDE:  Think Old Havana meets Thai Beach Bar meets Hackney Wideboy. For girls, flowers in the hair, and rio-carnival style dresses, or sarong and bikini top. For boys, Cumbia and beat-up straw hats, Trilbies, Hawaiian shirts and board shorts or sarongs and flip-flops.

Asia, Latin America and Hackney come together in a parallel universe to evolve into this glittering Pagoda of tropical dreams fused with a hackney edge!   An outdoor dancefloor elegantly lit, a rum shack with Russ Jones and Jason Mayall spinning Tropicalia and Cumbia vibes... mmmmm.
The Gramophon Salon

STYLE GUIDE:  kimonos!

A Japanese cafe where waiters in kimonos serve you records instead of tea.

STYLE GUIDE:  rural chic.

A proper pub in a field with Real Ale and Cider on tap, Pub Games and strange old men that look at you weirdly when you walk in.
Barn Stage

STYLE GUIDE:  rural chic.

By day, a humble village hall, at night it is programmed by the infamous Strummerville and features their well-known friends hosting impromptu sessions. Sorry but for reasons of Health and Safety all programming details must remain a secret – just be sure to believe some of the rumours...
Secret Beer Garden

Can you find this twinkly horticultural haven?

Phil’s Diner

STYLE GUIDE:  50’s Rockabilly

Phil’s original 747 Diner has landed in Shangri-La where it delights in serving up rump-shakin tunes from the carcass of a 50’s diner come airborne party lounge.   One of Glastonbury’s most beloved venues and a 24-hour haven for the hungry hairdo enthusiast.
DJ’s including Sean Rowley, Jerry Dammers, Rachel Speakeasy, Nelson Dilation and  Nick Frew.

The First Class Lounge

STYLE GUIDE:  Cocktail Dresses and Mods

Get your upgrade boarding pass to enter this cocktail fuelled venue - the hip-est, VIP-est, swinging-est joint around, hosted by Gaz’s Rockin Blues’ Gaz MAyall the king of Ska and Rock N Roll .

Club Dada

STYLE GUIDE: twisted freakshow circus theme so anything goes as long as its a freaky, circus, fairground vibe: Fortune tellers, clowns, corseted ballerinas, face paints, freaky masks, string vests, fez’s, bow ties, feathers, animals, tattooed ladies and bearded ladies, stripy tights
Created by Continental Drifts, Club Dada promises to Showcase the very best contemporary cabaret and circus, together with your favourite festival bands and special guests. Featuring 4 nights around 4 amazing themes and secret sets by superstars. Continental Drifts have been programming the main stage in this field for over 10 years, and produced some of Glastonbury’s most memorable moments.
Themes are Thursday Hoedown, Friday Last Man Standing Saloon including Heyseed Dixie and, Saturday is Big Saturday with a very big line-up. Sunday is a Gypsy Ska Soundclash special with the Godfather of the Gypsy Remix Shantel from Germany creating his Bucovina Club all Set within an amazing and insane twisted circus set, this is an area not to be missed.
The Boardwalk

Old-style traditional and freakshow frontage, housing a series of micro-environments and sideshows. Including a digital funfair and a tiny top with bearded women, tattooed lady, tiny clowns, contortionists, escapology and this lot….

THE INSECT CIRCUS – The renowned and frankly amazing world of miniature Circus

AREA 51 – The UK`s leading festival merchants present FREAK SHOWS all day and night with a myriad of stars of the festival scary ground - From Psycho Clowns to the perverted Fancy Chance to gruesome displays of Hammer House Sickness .

MISCHIEF LES BAS – The best and most innovative presenters of peculiar animations at present - The Wild Man of Kelvenden (an actual disabled and deformed freak with accent) and Elvis Cleaners and many more freaky interactions.
MADAME JO PEACOCK – Number one Freaky Lady with a fully Tattooed Lady on show.

THE DUKES BOX – Revered human Duke Box in Bijou Trailer.

THE COMPANY BOHEMIAN  ARTS – Creating exact enormous stilted figures in a homage to Glastonbury Past.

PAKA the UNCREDIBLE – with his massive metal live horse that rears pisses, with a Gothic Glasto Freak rider.

ROGER CATLANO – Freakshow artist extraordinaire.

MANDY JANES and MOUNTAIN JO – Bizarre bloodless gore 
Tarts And Tease

STYLE GUIDE:  Glamorous – for those who just can’t bear to abandon their burlesque corsets and top hats.

With its large colorful frontage, Teas and Tarts cannot be missed. By day its an innocent tea shop selling the most delicious cakes and teas, then at night it transforms in to Tarts and Tease; a bordello of sticky delights. At 10pm when darkness comes, find the secret door and enter the underworld of b movies, leopard print, wipe clean and cheese cake drama. Featuring live bands, exceptional DJ’s and deliciously tempting cabaret, this new venue will put you in a sticky situation every time.

Bassline Circus

STYLE GUIDE:  Futuristic Chav-Chic!

Step into the 23rd Century.  As bassline brings you the circus from the future…>>>>>>>>>
Organic bio dynamic beats meets genetically modified cirkus meets
Surgically enhanced screenscape visuals>>>>>>>
Meets ……………………. You…………….
see you on the dance floor……
Multi-dimensional-juggling+reality-fabric-tearing+rush-of awareness-inducing+funnybone-jangling+concept-shattering+General-clowning-arounding+death-defying-flying-stuff+Massive-ness-in-the area-you-know-what-i-mean----------word
Tilted Disco

STYLE GUIDE:  everything upside down or back to front

Aka The Upside Down House, this purpose built 2 up 2 down features a spacious reception room with very unusual aspects... Tilted Disco invites you into their upside-down world , an upside down house with 3D imagery floating in the air . “The House” looks very ordinary from the Outside , but inside the House things are as unbalanced as they can be. It’s a Club exploring disco from its roots to its future.
Come and Play

A sumptuous palace of earthly delights where one and all are invited. During the day you can fulfil that secret desire to perform at Glastonbury, with a slot on our open-mic stage, be it music, cabaret, circus, comedy, or poetry;  -while away some pleasant hours with friends playing the pinball, board, or video games; -or just party the night away to our eclectic mix of bands, djs, and performers. Whatever you’re looking for in a festival, you’re bound to find a bit of it here!
The Love Tank

STYLE GUIDE: Diamonds, Crystals and Bling!

A WWII army tank transformed into a glittering party lounge.  Decorated by Swarovski!  Lots of surprises for the Love Tank, keep your ears to the ground on this one.
Nomads Land

Nomads Land will take you on a journey through time from the seventies free festivals through the years. Come and hang out, see pictures, videos, info and first-hand accounts from ‘back in the day’ and look to the future as environmental concerns focus our energy, and networks connect across the globe…We have guests from the anti-logging campaigns in Tasmania Australia, info from Earthdream 2012 (an overland convoy from Europe to Australia), and activist videos from around the globe. Come and have a chat to our Activist Holiday reps who can advise you on your 2008-09 season.

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