This weekend's festival weather. Not great

The UK's top festivals looking decidedly unsettled

Photographer:Peter Corkhill

13 June 2008

We've teamed up with music industry bulletin CMU Daily to bring you a weekly round-up of festival weather. It's not looking good for this year's curtain raiser but like a Labour Party disco shuffle, 'things can only get better'. Please let it get better... 

Big Session Festival, Leicester (Fri - Sun)
Cloudy today, showers and sunny spells over the weekend, top temperature on Sunday 18 degrees.
Clothing tip: Waterproofs and layers - stay dry but strip off when sun comes out.

Download Festival
, Donington Park, Leicestershire (Fri - Sun)
Oh dear, rainy all weekend, though with some sunny spells. Top temperature 17 degrees, though rather chilly over night.
Clothing tip: Waterproofs and something warm for the nightime.

Isle Of Wight Festival, Isle Of Wight (Fri - Sun)
Oh dear again, really rather rainy today, and more rain all weekend.
Clothing tip: A waterproof hat and wellies.

NASS, Shepton Mallet, Somerset (Fri - Sun)
Dry and sunny today, hurrah. Rainy with sunny spells over the weekend. No good. High 18 degrees.
Clothing tip: T-shirts today, cagoules for tomorrow and Sunday.

Out To Graze, Shabbington, Buckinghamshire (Fri - Sun)
Dry and sunny here today also, but showers over the weekend also. No good.
Clothing tip: As NASS.

Southern Lights Festival, Holton Lee, Dorset (Fri - Sun)
Oh dear, lots of rain today, and more rain over the weekend. Some sunny spells though.
Clothing tip: A waterproof hat.

Wimborne Folk Festival, Wimborne, Dorset (Fri - Sun)
Unsurprisingly given their geographic closeness - pretty much as Southern Lights.

Winterwell, Gloucestershire (Fri - Sun)
Secret location this one, so can't be too precise. But Gloucestershire is going to be rainy this weekend too, so wear that hat. Mistys Big Adventure are playing though, so probably worth getting wet for.

Escape Into The Park, Swansea (Sat)
Dry today so probably will be OK underfoot - but expect rain during the festival itself. Shame this isn't taking place on Monday - weather is looking glorious in Swansea on Monday.
Clothing tip: Go with a cagoule.

Leamington Peace Festival, Leamington Spa (Sat - Sun)
Yeah, more rain with sunny spells, top temperature 17 degrees.
Clothing tip: You're getting the theme here, right? - layers, hats, waterproofs - ie prepared for warm, wet and chilly.

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