Virtual Festivals for Festival-Goers

by Steve Jenner | 16 May 2009

1) As your personal butler, whose job it is to deliver you the fastest and most reliable information on the festivals and artists you like; help you discover new ones you didn't know about and help you plan your festival adventures in the most efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective way possible. Essentially, his remit is to make sure you get the maximum possible enjoyment from the world of festivals. What a guy!

2) It's a great big megafone that will allow you to broadcast your festival experiences to the world, along with your feedback and opinions - empowering you to make a genuine difference and help make the festival scene even better. I really like that part.

I started up the site in the late spring of 1999 because I loved festivals with a passion that burned from the core of my soul but I thought the scene could be so much better if there was a single place where fans like me could find reliable information on all the festivals out there, connect up to eachother to share tips and experiences, and have a platform through which to communicate directly with the people who organise the festivals, to pass on feedback and ideas for making the events better.

Well, here it is. Virtual Festivals is your vehicle and it will give you more enjoyment of festivals and more control over the shape and standard of the marketplace if you let it and use it right. Just like the wider festival scene, it needs YOU take ownership of it and jump in the driving seat.

The more successful and popular it is, the better it will serve you.

So help us help you by:

- Linking to VF from your website, blogs and personal profiles (on Facebook, MySpace, etc.)

- Telling your friends about VF

- Buying your tickets and t-shirts through the site (we get a small commission from each item sold but every penny is invested back into making VF work harder for you)

- Getting involved and posting your opinions and feedback on news stories, reviews and the forums

- Following us on Twitter, becoming a fan of VF on Facebook, adding VF as a friend on MySpace

My job here is to make the best use of the resources we have available to give you the most powerful resource possible in order to have a great time and make a positive difference to the festival world.  As a festival-goer myself, I have a few of my own ideas on how this should be done. But I am one of 4 million in the UK alone and VF really belongs to you and all the others too. So your ideas are as valid as mine - probably more so!

So if you have a good idea for anything we can do make VF work harder for you, whether it's a change or a new feature for the website, an editorial suggestion or a difference in how we operate in any way, send it to me here with the subject "Oi Jenner!". I can't promise I'll be able to reply to every one (depending on how many of you respond to this) but I do promise I'll read and give very serious consideration to every one.

For those of you I don't hear from, I hope you're enjoying our service as much as we enjoy providing it. Have fun!

Steve x

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