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'Black American' to headline Glastonbury Festival

09 Jan 08
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Michael Eavis has revealed he's booked a 'Black American headliner' for this year's Glastonbury, in a bid to win back younger fans.

He told the BBC: "I'm putting on a black American headliner, who's absolutely terrific that's going to appeal to those people.

"It's a change of flavour, we're moving away from the Anglo Saxon rock'n'roll thing."

Kanye West is the most obvious candidate to fit that description. The hip-hop star was the clear highlight of V Festival last year and would be a great way to get Glastonbury started on the Friday night.

Other possibilities could include Jay Z, Beyonce or long-time target Prince

Many people claimed last year's event lacked atmosphere and the traditional 'Glastonbury spirit', caused by a higher number of older people over teenagers and '20-somethings'.

Eavis also revealed that he wants to book Amy Winehouse in a bid to bring back the kids, telling a reporter: "I hope so. I really, really do need her."

Other names in the frame to headline the festival include Radiohead, R.E.M, Muse and Led Zeppelin.

Registration for Glastonbury Festival 2008 opens from 1 February until midnight 29 February. You must register before attempting to buy tickets when they go on sale on 6 April. For more details click HERE.

Eavis told BBC News: "I agree it is a tedious business, but people appreciate why we're doing it."

The new ticketing system was launched last year in an attempt to stop touts. Each ticket features a photograph and details of the buyer and entry will only be allowed if they match its owner.

Last year, about 400,000 people registered for around 137,500 tickets, however Eavis maintains the system is fair. 

He said: "I think most people who are really determined to come find a way, don't they, or they try harder?

"It's only the people who are half-hearted about it that don't pursue the chase for a ticket."

Organisers are also hoping to create more space for campers this year by asking the local Mendip District Council to agree to moving the fences.


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