Pirate crusaders late for Bestival?

Were island invaders heading for Robin Hill?

Pirate crusaders late for Bestival?

Photographer: Sara Bowrey21 September 2007

The pair, from Reading, were picked up while sailing a small dingy across the Solent with the intention of invading the Garden Isle.

Unfortunately, their meagre vessel ran into trouble midway across the channel and a lifeboat was dispatched to save them.

Dressed as pirates, complete with pistols, a cutlass and a bottle of rum, the pranksters were later arrested by polce for carrying a dangerous weapon.

But mystery surrounds what they were doing dressed as pirates, and if they had anything to do with the recent Bestival where thousands of revellers dressed up as pirates.

Perhaps they wanted to take Robin Hill Country Park for their own, such was the swashbuckling fun at Bestival, or maybe they were just 10 days late for the boutique festival. If you know anything tell us by commenting below...

You can see what they look like HERE. The jolly rogered pair were later released without charge.

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