Glastonbury Festival 2007

21 June 2007 - 24 June 2007

Surprise and mischief at Glastonbury

23 Jun 07
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Lily Allen became the first surprise act at the new Park Stage, filling in for M.I.A who cancelled at the last minute.

The Glastonbury fan, who's been wearing a spectacular pair of white rimmed glasses since Thursday, treated the crowd to a selection of her favourite songs, including 'Alfie' and 'LDN'. Joss Stone also made a 'surprise' appearance on the Virtual Festivals-hosted Left Field Stage, playing a breath-taking soul set. Of course, we let the cat out the bag weeks ago!

Elsewhere, Pete Doherty caused typical chaos in the hospitality area. Girlfriend Kate Moss refused to emerge from their compound after realising that dozens of paparazzi were lurking ready to snap. The model tore into her PA, prompting boyfriend Pete to run headlong into the pack of paps. He then grabbed a bicycle from a nearby car and proceeded to run circles around the cameramen as they chased him, trying to get a good shot.

An onlooker said: "It was hilarious. He was just playing with the paps really. Just giving them a bit of sport and something to earn them a few quid. Kate didn't look quite so amused."

Other celebrity tantrums included Peaches Geldof, who was initially refused entry into the hospitality area in between the two main stages.

According to one witness, the words: "Do you know who I am? I'm Bob Geldof's daughter" were actually used.

She was later escorted in on the back of a buggy and we caught up with her as she was watching her boyfriend's band Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man at the Left Field.

She shrugged off the earlier incident, saying: "I had to get in as I'm staying in a Winnebago in there. Glastonbury's great, despite the mud. Earlier I saw a guy with his head in a toilet."

Many strange things have indeed been going on...

Underground Heroes were seen tossing out drinks and food from their rider after the sound failed during their set in the Queen's Head.

If you want a wish granted, head up to the Park Stage where a man is sat fishing in a boat in a tree. Write down your wish, attach it to his hook and once he reels it in, it's granted. Why did no one think of this before?

Of coures, the mud brings out the madness in people and there have been plenty of unrecognisable revellers covered in the brown muck, our favourite being the naked man face down in it near the Green Fields. 

But perhaps the most bizarre story doing the rounds is a rumour that a stolen Banksy work of art is due to be burnt by the thieves who pinched it. The fibre-glass statue, called 'The Drinker', was nabbed from Hackney in London at the beginning of June and whispers suggest the culprits are due to  torch it over the weekend somewhere in the festival.

We could go on but it would take all weekend. Over to you, what have you seen over the Glasto weekend? Tell the festival world on the forum link below... 


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