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Glastonbury sold out in 2 hours

01 Apr 07
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The usual mad scramble for tickets kicked off at 9am this morning (Sunday). By 10.55am, all regular tickets were sold out.

As expected, eager fans bought up all 135,000 tickets in a whirlwind of frantic online and telephone bookings, which ended in either elation or heartache.

It is estimated that two thirds of those who tried to secure themselves a place at Worthy Farm this June missed out.

However, organisers offered a flicker of hope with news that a small number of tickets may be resold on Sunday, 22 April.

Michael Eavis told XFM he was pleased with the way things had gone with ticket sales and praised the 100 staff who took thousands of calls after they went on sale at 9am on Sunday morning.

With demand continually outstripping supply despite an increase in capacity this year, daughter Emily has suggested that in future tickets may be allocated in a way to avoid people continually missing out.

She told the Guardian: "We are thinking of making it so people can come to Glastonbury every three years."

For now though, you'll either be celebrating getting your ticket or looking for something else to do this summer. For a few ideas check out our festivals listings HERE.

What did you think of the ticketing system this year? Did you get through, or have you been left disappointed - again? What can be done to make it fairer? Post your comments below.

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Posted by denwynne on 01/04/2007
Michael Eavis wants his bloody head examining if he thinks this years tickets were sold on a fair basis. Why sell through aan agency who clearly could not cope with the online demand or phone calls. I had high hopes of getting a ticket this year,but NO CHANCE,and it was not for the want of trying. I am 58 now and have more or less given up hope of ever getting to Glastonbury,which is so sad and so bloody anoying as i live so near thesedays,but with the likes of Eavis and his ticket sales i may as well forget ever going. I am one bloody angry man,who wants an explanation and apology for this complete BALLS UP.

Posted by ibizaprincess on 01/04/2007
Chill out mate what do you expect? 395,000 people register and you think that its going to be a walk in the park getting tickets?

Posted by mrandmrsgrumpy on 01/04/2007
Too right ibizaprincess, everybody had to try and get tickets, don't be bitter about it, no one deserves a ticket, it luck thats all. So don't blame Micheal and Emily Eavis. P.S We got tickets, na na nana na!

Posted by rosalynholman on 01/04/2007
major help needed from anyone!!! i accidently bought an overseas ticket for my friend instead of a uk one!!! does anyone know what the deal is????xxx

Posted by matthewn5 on 01/04/2007
I've been ringing around and it turns out a mate who knows someone managed to "go straight through" to the site and buy as many tickets as he wanted. This sounds to me like an insider deal. Those in the know seem to be able to grab most of the tickets, while us patsies struggle to get the hopelessly inadequate website to load. You don't actually believe all those models and celebrities who swan about Glasto every year were sitting by their telephones this morning do you? I reckon there's something going on we're not hearing about.

Posted by whyglastowhyyyyyyyy on 01/04/2007
I hate you all and I want to die. that is all

Posted by ibizaprincess on 01/04/2007
Believe all tickets are the same rosalyn, you normally have to collect them tho as they wont post them.

Posted by soul_666 on 01/04/2007
we finally got on the web site at about 10:10 and purchased 2 tickets, bit worried though as we didnt catch the refrence number and we still aint recieved a confirmation email?? also tried the tracking feature and we dont appear??! I hope its gone through ok.

Posted by ibizaprincess on 01/04/2007
Dont worry soul, on the website they didnt give out a confirmation number, its on your confirmation email (still waiting for mine) You can go on see tickets website and check their ticket tracker by putting in your postcode and the last 4 digits of your card, once your card has benn processed it will show on their even before your email comes.

Posted by denwynne on 01/04/2007
How Evais has the bloody cheek to say the sales all went well i don't know,he needs to get his act together next time and stop all this syndicate stuff. Its a total stitch up.

Posted by soul_666 on 01/04/2007
thanks ibizaprincess feel much better now! to those who didnt get them, better luck with re-sale.

Posted by RaveyDaveyCraigie on 01/04/2007
We got ours through my work's very high-speed internet connection. Once I had got onto the site once (at about 9:20) it was simple for other colleagues to go back to the first see-tickets Glasto tickets page from the web-browsers history and we got as many as we wanted. I feel sorry for those with a slow internet connection as it seems that this is all that determined success or failure. Better luck next year!

Posted by rosalynholman on 01/04/2007
thanks ibiza princess

Posted by bolanboy72 on 01/04/2007
Dude you need to chill. That's just the way it is. I personally think there's nothing wrong with the old way, a queue. I remember queueing up for oasis tickets when I was a kid, it's all part of it, and I think doing it this way isn't perfect, but then people would still complain when they don't get a ticket because they can't queue. And if you have a lottery then the die hards like myself get upset because they are completely ruled out for the next one. It's difficult.

Posted by denwynne on 01/04/2007
Dont tell me i need to chill,this is a total balls up by Evais yet again. There is no other way to describe it.I see he is putting on a second sale on 22nd April...WITH THE SAME F***ING AGENCY AGAIN. What a first class plonker he is

Posted by Lurkazoid on 02/04/2007
It's become abundantly clear what the problem was with Glasto booking (online at least). Apparently once you had completed your registration, as long as you kept your browser window open you could come and go into the booking pages as many times as you wanted. Basically, people got wind, stayed on and used skype/MSN to swap numbers and even debit card numbers and people were registering upwards of 50 people each on one PC. People were queuing in Internet cafes for PCs that had already got through so they could get tickets etc. Seems the tech side of SeeTickets needs some attention

Posted by ibizaprincess on 02/04/2007
Pipe down denwynne, there was always going to be a large proportion of people who registered disappointed, personally I found it ridiculous that the extended the registration period when they were already oversubscribed. **** happens get over it and try again next year or why not apply to a charity to work for them there, you get a free ticket and you do something worthwhile too.

Posted by denwynne on 02/04/2007
Charity work for them,your having a laugh,why would i want to work for nothing. I rather pay for a ticket,thats if i had managed to get one. I am resigned to watching it on tv now,at least if it rains i will be ok,sorry but i am not one of the do good Glasto click,i only wanted to see and hear the music,not join in on some community crap. I have got most of it out of my system now,and will stop the posting,just had to vent my anger at what i still think is not a good way of selling tickets

Posted by emily-s-1981 on 02/04/2007
well i didnt get a ticket either an am absolutly devastated !!!! i was on the offical website page by 8:15 an at 9 on the dot i clicked for tickets an kept getting that white page that says u have to refresh ! i finally got to get them from a link sent to me by a friend an on the last purchase page it said they didnt have any left, the worst 3 hours of my life i was a screaming crying bag of nerves are the ones to blame not mr avis ....they are the ones who let people click back an buy as many as they wanted .....fu*king disgrace !! well fingers crossed for the 22nd anyhow......well done to the people that got a ticket tho. oh an denwynne ur attitude is bad u dont deserve to go to glasto its all about charity aswell as music !!

Posted by gerb23 on 02/04/2007
listen guys i realy do feel sorry for everyone that didn get a ticket, and its not coz i have got a ticket. at 10.40am i gave up and the devastation kicked in but after one more attempt i woz in like flin. but i kno how it feels coz i tried getting reading tickets and failed too an am stil gutted now,even tho i got glasto ticets. Lurkazoid is rite - its seetickets who f****d up coz i had the joy of refreshing the ticket access page and got more tickets for a mate, but originally it took so long to get thru coz my internet speed/connection wernt exactly the denwynne u kno what to do nxt time, get on a computer wif a better speed, its make sense and its what everyone is doing every year, every final comment goes out to emily eavis and her intentions for future festivals...please girl dont make it an every 3 years job coz it just doesnt make sense for the ppl that have been goin since the 80's and 90's.if ppl wana realy go they'll get on a quicker computer - all u have to do is sort out seetickets, but i do except the fact that some insiders can and wil do favours but that all june 22nd xxx

Posted by ChrisofPenge on 02/04/2007
I'm really disappointed that we didn't get tickets even though tried via internet and phone from 8.30a.m. Not technically knowledgeable enough to have more than one window open at a time though!! Did not get through once to either See tickets or glasto website - either page can not be displayed or cannot find server. Any tips for 22nd welcome. I don't understand why the registration period was extended when the Glasto was already oversubscribed - seemed rather unfair. Anyway hope all who got tickets have a good time x

Posted by ChinaPower on 04/04/2007
Don't worry guys - it sounds rubbish anyway. Who would want to go to a festival where NME, Jordan, U2, Donald Rumsfeld and the Halifax man will be entertaining?

Posted by IAMRABONE on 04/04/2007
I totally empathise with the way everyone is feeling. I have been to every glasto since 1995. I spent 3 wasted hours on phone and computer to no avail. Does anyone actually know anybody that got through on the phone? I think that's a total farce. One friend of friend managed to get onto site and bought 25 tickets as once they were on site it was easy to stay on. Unfortunately just as i gave over my details the festival sold out. Gutted. Cried a lot. Anyway, try and stay optomistic everyone for the 22nd. We can do it!

Posted by Manticore666 on 05/04/2007
this festival is a complete waste of money.its full of rubbish bands.the only good bands to have played there in the last 3 or 4 years is yes and the who.2 great bands isnt good enough.

Posted by ftworld1969 on 10/05/2007
your all just jealous we are the ones that got through along with the rest of the 150 thousand . After learning skills, trying to apply for previous tickets we got throught this time . server not found means do not give up but try even harder . the best way we have found for any tickets is the internet . FOR OASIS ALSO . as we have got these mostly always too. you learn skills over the years and you have to take the ruff with the smooth . we have not got tickets and we know how it feels gutting . BUT DO NOT BE SORE ABOUT THINGS MAY BE WE WILL BE HERE NEXT YEAR. BUT NOT ****GING THE FESTIVAL OFF AS IT IS THE BEST FESTIVAL IN EUROPE .

Posted by Johnnyty2k on 22/05/2007
Here here, well said ftworld1969! Have any of you seen this video on youtube, the song is wicked and it has just made me all the more excited about a hot summer, chilling out, listening to great music...whether we are at Glastonbury or not!

Posted by Johnnyty2k on 22/05/2007
Pants, doesn't seem to like the idea of doing the link for you properly, so you'll just have to cut and paste it if you are interested enough! They've also got another video of just them playing it live on some TV show. They rock...funky beatboxing too.

Posted by Q_glasto_girl on 30/05/2007
I have tried (unsuccessfully) a good 4 years to get tickets and finally this year I got some! Any vets got some tips for's the only festival I ahvenm't done and I cannot wait!

Posted by alfie6911 on 30/05/2007
Don't go to Glastonbury, book your flight early and head to Exit, in Serbia. Check it out in here or go to If you like a wide range of music and good food, cheap drink and almost no chance of rain then Exit is the festival for you.

Posted by Q_glasto_girl on 31/05/2007
that does look kind of cool. What's Serbia like?

Posted by yougofurther on 01/06/2007
9 pairs of tickets to be won by students or UCAS applicants at

Posted by Q_glasto_girl on 05/06/2007
and 24 pairs of VIP tickets here:

Posted by ubberjubber on 13/06/2007
Can anyone tell me if children under 15 years can get in to Glastonbury for free??? (with an adult)

Posted by Q_glasto_girl on 14/06/2007
for those of you that havent got tickets the Q site are giving some away but it ends today so you better be quick!!!

Posted by Q_glasto_girl on 20/06/2007
Also you should check out the magazine, it comes free with a CD live from Glasto - cant beat it! well unless you have tickets :)

Posted by johnny_wilko on 03/07/2007
In response to ubberjubber's comment all children aged 12 and under are admitted FREE as long as they are accompanying a ticket-holding adult!! Hope this helps!! If you need any other info about future festivals I would advise lookng at:

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