Glastonbury Festival 2007

22 June 2007 - 24 June 2007

Glastonbury ticket odds: 11-4

07 March 2007

The odds on you getting a ticket for Glastonbury Festival stand at around 11-4 after it was revealed that just under 400,000 people have registered...

Around 395,000 names were counted after the festival's new ticket registration deadline closed at midnight last night.

If all goes to plan with the festival's application for an expanded capacity, there will be 145,000 tickets on sale - 20,000 more than in 2005.

It means those registered have a just under a one in three chance of getting a ticket. In 2005, when there was no pre-registration, it was estimated that almost a million people hit the phone lines or website when tickets went on sale.

As usual, tickets will be sold on a first-come first served basis from 9am, 1 April. However, if you have not registered do not try and buy a ticket. You will have to wait until next year.

The registration scheme has been devised to stamp out touting of Glastonbury tickets with submissions requiring a photo and personal details which must match up on entry.

Glastonbury Festival takes place from 22-24 June at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset. Click the links below for more.


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