Superstars rock the Astoria for Oxfam

United Kingdom United Kingdom | | 29 October 2002

Oxfam Charity Gig, Astoria 29 October 2002

Some Oxfam Glam came to Soho last night as the license troubled Astoria played host to a variety of stars playing to a packed out industry mass in aid of said charity. The 20 ticket fee from the 1,500 attendees went to help the organisation continue much of its good work. A large proportion of profits from the Glastonbury Festival goes to help Oxfam each year, in its dedication to fighting famine, building wells and generally helping the Third World to help themselves.

The evening began in rather miserablist fashion, former Lavelle protigees South drearying thorugh 'new songs' like anyone gave a donut about the old stuff. Idlewild meanwhile lacked any of their vital energy, with only 'American English' holding any worth against the pull of the bar and a nice chat.

Noel Gallagher
, for once, seemed in ill mood. Age is obviously catching up with him, grumping into 'Talk Tonight' he complained at having to listen to everyone singing his songs badly for the last deacade. Well we have to listen to him! Classic Noel though, from 'Whatever' to 'Live Forever', with no sign of 'She Is Love'.

When the Coldplay pairing of Johnny Buckland and Chris Morris descend upon the blank stage, everything is apparently not lost. Ms Dynamite joins the fun and memories of Glastonbury's past and future begin to generate. 'In My Place' remains song of the year, and when Noel rejoins the party for 'Yellow', 'Octopus's Garden' and a hastily rehearsed Smiths cover 'Stop If You've Heard This One Before' (complete with Morris shouting the chord changes) it's a rare warmth that only the truly great can generate. Fair play to 'em.

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