Glastonbury 2003 Headliners 'Revealed'?


24 October 2002

At this stage, the signs are encouraging for both REM and The Rolling Stones to headline, as the Glastonbury Festival, which will most likely be staged from the 27th to the 29th June 2003, falls within the dates of each of their proposed European tours. Event organiser Michael Eavis  has made no secret of his ultimate dream for the Stones to grace the Pyramid Stage.

REM's return looks even more likely. Eavis reiterated his love of the band during our exclusive interview earlier in the year, but it has been revealed that the group are planning a massive tour to promote the release of their as-yet untitled follow-up to 'Reveal'.

Alongside fellow Stateside superstars, Red Hot Chili Peppers, whose world tour also comes to Britain around the time of the festival, Radiohead could well be back on top following a string of Spanish and Portuguese dates this summer. Virtual Festivals also understands that Idlewild, who played at the Pilton Town Fayre towards the end of summer will have a billing reflecting their transition to stadium sized rock act. Suede, who headlined the small event, are also tipped to return in 2002. Last year's Pilton Fayre headliners were Coldplay.

REM's manager, Bertis Downs, was quoted talking about the trio's new record. "The guys plan to work in bursts on this record - a few weeks here, somewhere warmer in the winter, different in the spring, possibly some shows next summer. All should result in a new disc, available in panoply of formats in a matter of months (more likely a year or so).

"Peter, Mike, and Michael are doing great individually and collectively, and all seem supercharged to be back in the studio, writing, playing, trying things out, getting sounds, working with Pat and Jamie (McCarthy and Candiloro), and while October everywhere is a pretty spectacular time of year, it seems especially crisp, cool, and vivid in British Columbia right about now.

"It's sort of like Seattle if Seattle was in Europe - very cosmopolitan -a true melting pot of cultures, and a wonderful city to explore on foot. Anyway...they're off, early days, but good vibes about the next one."

Who would you like to see in 2003? Visit the VF Message Board, state your wish and you never know! In the meantime, fill your Glastonbury void with a visit to Glastonbury The Play, check out our exclusive coverage here.


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