V Festival - Staffs 2006

19 August 2006 - 20 August 2006

Now Red Ken Wants To Be At 'V'

16 August 2006
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London Major, Ken Livingston, is the latest ligger to score himself some free tickets to this weekend's V Festival, according to The Sun. Expect to see Tory leader, David Cameron, living it up there too...

So V Festival organisers have banned poor old Sonia from Eastenders for flogging her VIP ticket to a tout whilst simultaneously pissing her pants at last year's event. Ok, it puts out a strong anti-touting message, but one could argue that the humiliation of having your pictures in the paper with a soggy crotch might level the scores. 

Whatever your thoughts on the rights and wrongs of Eastenders in our society, let alone at V Festival, it does seem strange that organisers are endorsing yet another brand of over-hyped, throwaway trash by inviting the likes of Red Ken and Dave 'the rave' Cameron through the gates for free.

It was Ken, remember, who famously compared a Jewish journalist to a Nazi concentration camp guard, while Cameron recently accused Radio 1 for encouraging knife and gun crime with its Saturday night programming, which includes Westwood's hip-hop show.

Are these the type of people we want at any music festival?

David Cameron obviously wants to be there to boost his 'man of the people' credentials - and to see Radiohead, who he claims to be a 'massive fan' of.

The baby-faced Tory leader once made out that Thom Yorke played 'Fake Plastic Trees' at his request during a live charity gig, a claim Radiohead later denied.

Asked if the song was played especially for him, Cameron told Sue Lawley: "Yes he (Yorke) did. I sent this rather sad letter saying I'd love to come to the concert, thank you for asking. PS, please play this, my favourite song - and he did."

Ken Livingston's reasons for going are also slightly sinister, what with the elections for London Mayor due next year.

The Sun claims the disgraced Mayor is a big Scissor Sisters fan, which would make him a year late considering they headlined the event in 2005. 

'Bizarre' editor Victoria Newton also got it wrong by suggesting that Ken might be disappointed the London Boys aren't playing at V - it would be difficult seeing as they died in 1996 after their car crashed in the Alps.

What with the annual influx of Hollyoaks actors and Big Brother evictees, VF is considering launching a 'kick useless celebs out of festivals' campaign next summer, but until then you'll just have to live with the likes of David and Ken lowering the tone.

And we thought V Festival sold out ages ago?? By opening the door to free-loading politicians instead of real music fans it well and truly has...



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