Glastonbury Name In Trademark Mud

Glastonbury Name In Trademark Mud

Photographer: James Cook13 July 2006

The fuss that usually permeates through the Vale of Avalon tends to be from residents getting annoyed by far-off beats, opening their doors to naked hippies, or other such social disturbances over the Glastonbury Festival weekend.

However, with no festival this year a new row has erupted, this time over the actual name 'Glastonbury'.

Michael Eavis wants to trademark the 11-letter word to protect it from being misused and ripped off by people wanting to make a quick buck on the back of the world-famous festival.

Goods which would be protected would include DVDs, computer games, clothing and radio and internet rights. 

The farmer/festival mogul argues that due to the event's ever increasing popularity, the name should be trademarked for the use of his company Glastonbury Festivals Limited.

He also wants ownership of the terms ‘Glastonbury Festival’ and ‘Glastonbury & Avalon’.

But businesses in the surrounding area are worried they won't be able to use the name 'Glastonbury' in their business descriptions and are objecting to the plans.

Fortunately, the local Mayor has stepped in to quell the row and he reckons it's all a misunderstanding because Eavis doesn't actually want exclusive ownership.

Mayor John Coles told the BBC: "There are people objecting to Michael using the name Glastonbury because if he does get the monopoly - which I don't believe he is trying to do - then no-one will be able to trade under the name of Glastonbury."

Everyone else has refused to comment on the situation until a meeting is held tonight (Thursday) between all involved, including Glastonbury Festivals Ltd, the town council and the chamber of commerce.

Meanwhile, in more Glastonbury Festival-related news, current chart topper Lily Allen has announced that she loves taking drugs at Glastonbury but doesn't like the prospect of Kylie playing there while she's gurning her face off.

In one recent interview she describes her love for getting wasted on Class A's, aside from the time, of course, when she got stuck in a K-hole at the Glade three years ago. She said: "It was the biggest nightmare of my entire life. Nothing actually happens. You're just sitting there going mental in your own brain, but you can't move your body at all."

In a separate interview she mouths off about the prospect of Kylie headlining next year, arguing: "To me, Kylie playing Glastonbury would be the ultimate insult to it. It should be about new, interesting music, not mainstream pop."

Is it just me, or is Lily Allen shit?

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