The Eavis' drop into Wireless, London

The Eavis' drop into Wireless, London

22 June 2006

Emily was inevitably letting nothing out the bag as to who might be playing in 2007. Talking with VF at Wednesday's Wireless Festival, the Glastonbury organiser would only answer, "Possibly, we'd love to have her", when asked about Kylie, however her smile suggested the deal could already be done and she did say that two headliners have already been booked.

She also refused to play a 'cunning' game devised by VF where we'd say a band and she'd give a mark out of 10 on the the possibility of that act playing. Ah well, at least Eavis Jr did reveal the identity of one act she'd very much like to book...

She said: "I heard this brilliant album by a guy called Beirut. He’s a 19-year-old guy from America who plays about 15 different instruments on his album and has a full band when playing live. He'd be great. You should definitely buy the album!"   

Explaining why her and dad Michael, who founded Glasto and has run it ever since, were visiting Wireless, she said: "We’re here to check out the soundsystem. It’s a new Brit Row system, which we’ve used at Glastonbury in the past, but this is a much newer version. We’re reviewing our options at the moment and this seemed the ideal place to have a look at it, especially with The Strokes being on! We’ve changed the soundsystem a lot in the past few years because we’re determined to give people who come to Glastonbury every year the best possible sound."

Over the years, Emily has had a leading role in picking new bands at the Worthy Farm festival and is looking to expanding that side of the festival. She said: "I’d like to get more new bands stuff in somehow, maybe a smaller, folky tent somewhere. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff in already. I’d say we’ve definitely got two of our headliners.

"We’ve also got a lot of old timers around, some great heritage acts, you know proper Glastonbury Sunday afternoon stuff. Everyone’s really excited about next year. We can’t believe how much we’ve already got arranged at such an early stage."

Acts rumoured as possibles for next year's Glastonbury include Kylie, The Who, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, and Kaiser Chiefs. The 2007 festival kicks off a year tomorrow! 

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