Glastonbury to get even bigger in 2007

Glastonbury to get even bigger in 2007

Photographer: Adam and Joe Wilde02 May 2006

The most famous dairy farmer in rock has said that he hopes almost 175,000 people will attend in 2007 when the festival returns from its break. The extra land will be rented from neighbouring farms, making life more comfortable for festival-goers if future events are hit by bad weather similar to the epic flooding that occurred in 2005.

Eavis said: "We are looking at having 10,000 extra people involved like performers, backstage crew and staff because we need those to run the site. We will then sell 10,000 extra tickets to meet the cost of taking on extra land because we do need to spread out. When it gets wet the tents are too close together and it's a bit uncomfortable."

Last year the total attendance at Glastonbury was 153,000 including performers, festival staff and 115,000 ticket holders. The first Glastonbury Festival in 1970 attracted 1,500 fans to watch Marc Bolan and Al Stewart.
Glastonbury Festival will return on 22-24 June 2007. No ticket details or artists have been officially announced yet, but the VF rumour mill is churning and Kylie Minogue, Eric Clapton, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party and Kaiser Chiefs are all tipped to appear. But not Dire Straits.

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