Organisers confident that Leeds will go on

Organisers confident that Leeds will go on

27 August 2002

In a statement, Benn revealed that, "There were a series of incidents involving up to 500 people in which 71 toilets and one portacabin were damaged by fire. No festival goers were injured.

"Police and security attended, contained and dealt with the situation. In the context of the first sell-out Leeds Festival which saw 50,000 people enjoy the live return of Guns 'N' Roses after nine years and the return of the Prodigy after four years and three days of the best music festival in Britain, the actions of under 1% of the crowd, while regrettable, should not be allowed ro detract from a very successful weekend which has put Leeds Festival firmly on the UK music map.

"We will not give in to the mindless minority and will strive to make it more successful next year. The Leeds Festival will have a very long and successful future."

For once the Reading festival has had virtually no press coverage by comparisson, and police reported impressively low crime figures and arrests.

On behalf of the local residents who were already opposed to the Leeds event taking place, Councillor Lee Benson said, "The main objection has always been the damage which the event does to the park and the violence over the past two year has just been an add on. Local people will be disgusted by what has happened and they will be determined to fight on."

Virtual Festivals are determined that one of the best festivals in the world will continue, and, having braved the dangerous and frightening scenes to get exclusive photos, are co-operating fully with the police to track down and prosecute the arsonists.

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