Carling Weekend - Reading Festival 2006

25 August 2006 - 27 August 2006

Son Of Dork snub UK Fests - shocker

23 January 2006
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Son Of Dork have announced they will not be playing any festivals in the UK and have branded UK Festival-goers "f***ing rude", in reference to the less than favourable reception that greeted Fightstar at Reading and Leeds last year.

Son of Dork singer James Bourne says his new band will not play any British festival dates this summer because he doesn't relish the prospect of getting bottled like former Busted colleague Charlie Simpson.

Charlie was famously met with bottles and potatoes during his new band Fightstar's set at the Carling Reading Festival last year.

James told The Sun: "I can’t be bothered with wondering whether we are going to get bottled or not? What’s the point in worrying about it? I’d just rather play our own shows.

"The people that bottled Fightstar are just jealous of him. It is stupid.

"They don’t have any lives and their main purpose in life is to be annoying and a general waste of skin."

The band's festival ban does not, however, stretch to Japan, where audiences are more gracious towards processed pop-rock acts. James says the band will perform at the country's biggest festivals, Fuji Rock Festival and Summersonic, later this year.

"We’re playing all the major rock festivals in Japan," he confirmed.

"You just know you are not going to get bottled in Japan because they are polite.

"People in England are just f***ing rude. People that waste their time on bands they don’t like are a waste of space.

"Why don’t they just watch bands they do like?"

Whilst VF does not condone the throwing of any objects towards a stage, others are speculating that: "maybe, in special circumstances, it can achieve a positive end".

Son Of Dork’s new single Eddie’s Song is out now. You can judge it for yourself at the VF Download Store, here.



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