Your festival stars predicted for 2006

United Kingdom United Kingdom | 29 December 2005

Please note that the following predictions are based on a combination of astrology, intuition and cunning speculation. None are officially confirmed.

Mystic Mick has been providing spookily accurate line-up rumours to Virtual Festivals and gazumping the most guarded festival organisers (not to mention the secret services) for years. Here, he goes public for the first time. He had threatened to seriously increase his consultation fee if we kept him hidden behind the scenes for any longer.

The following is a transcript of our recent meeting with Mick. Make of it what you will...

Virtual Festivals: Hey Mick, hope you had a great Christmas!
Mystic Mick: Thank you. In fact, I enjoy a pagan form of Christmas that pre-dates the birth of Christ by several thousand years. The basics are the same, though - raucous partying, gluttonous eating and drinking, and gift-giving. Santa was on good form.

VF: Glad to hear it. Any surprises in your stocking?
MM: Don't be silly.

VF: Ok, let's talk festivals of 2006...
MM: [Interupts] Yes, you're definitely taking me to Download and Creamfields to see The Prodigy!

VF: Wow, er... 'definitely'?
MM: That's what it says on their official website.

VF: Oh, cheeky. Ok, hit us with some astrology. Let's start with Homelands at the end of May...
MM: Hmmmm. Thing is, I'm struggling to see Homelands at all.

VF: At all? You mean it won't be on?
MM: Something will definitely be on, but I'm not convinced it's Homelands. Looks like it could be bigger, perhaps even an imported version of a major overseas festival. I'm seeing a similar name.

VF: What about the majors like T in the Park or Reading?
MM: T in the Park will have one of the best line-ups of the summer. I didn't forsee that - it just always does. Reading and Leeds appear to be following their guitar rock tradition. I see the highly anticipated return of two mega acts to headline the festivals, both with new albums out in 2006. 

VF: Tell us more! Are they British?
MM: One of them is. I'm sensing an unusually high energy around this band. I fear they may be capable of jinxing me should I reveal too much so I'll just say they are absolute-ly brilliant! [Whilst VF has no idea as to which band Mick is refering to here, we suspect he may just have used a really bad pun, in which case we apologise.]

VF: We've got wind of quite a few new festivals set to take place in 2006. Are there any that rattle your radar in particular?
MM: Indeed, there will be many new ones - some are fearing too many. There is one that shines brightest of all. It appears to be taking place in the West Country/ Bristol area. From the colour of the leaves, I would say it's taking place towards the end of the summer, start of autumn time. It's sending shivers down my spine. The headliners are local boys, but premier league festival favourites and...

VF: [Interupts] Thanks Mick, better stop you there or we'll run out of exclusives to break next year. As always, you rock. Have a great New Year and please do stay in touch.
MM: Don't worry, I've got plenty of beans up my sleeves to spill to your readers over the coming weeks!

VF: That's a lovely, if weird, image. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
MM: Remember - tickets to Download, Creamfields, and that new West Country one!

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