Unsigned bands win the chance to play Glasgow Gig on the Green!

30 July 2002

A record number of demos - over 3,000 - were sent to from Radio Clyde, Forth, Tay, Northsound and Moray Firth, and hours have been spent playing music allsorts and the difficult selection has finally been made, with the winners announced today.

The winning bands come from all over Scotland, from the Black Isle to the big cities.  From punky pop to laidback beats, from melodic harmonies to squalling spacerock, this is the sound of young Scotland. At least one band had to fight for their place on the bill - the Storm Petrels were involved in a rock and roll fracas at their heat in Aberdeen that resulted in the police being called! It's bound to be best behaviour though for the bands who are going to be playing on the same bill as some of the most exciting live bands in the world, including the Prodigy, the Strokes, Pulp, Offspring, Slipknot, Feeder and The Vines among many others.

In addition, promoters Regular Music keep an eye out for young talent throughout the year, and have added the most likely candidates for rock and roll superstardom to the bill.

The running order and dates have yet to be decided but the line-up is as follows:

The Storm Petrels 
Big Big Sound 
The Waltzers 
Amateur Guitar Anti Heroes  
Red Bee Society 
The Silver Pill  
The Hazy Janes 
The Dendrons 
The Roughness 


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