Bestival 2005

09 September 2005 - 11 September 2005

Bestival weather mystery

08 September 2005
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There appears to be no agreement between rival weather-predicting people concerning their Isle Of Wight forecasts - but it looks like there'll be a bit of sun, a bit of rain, and quite a lot of cloud...

VF Prediction: MILD

Good news first. According to the BBC Bestival is going to enjoy sunny spells all weekend (the kind of sun that's frustratingly stuck behind cloud but pops out every now and then), although there's going to be a bit of light rain on Saturday. Day-time temperatures will be fairly constant all weekend with highs of 22°C. is less optimistic and reckons there's going to be rain on Friday afternoon and Sunday morning as well. Although bizarely it predicts temperatues to reach highs of 30°C 'Real Feel', whatever that is - perhaps taking into account that everyone's going to be dressed up as cowboys and indians!

And finally, that prophet-of-doom known as is veering towards the 'it's gonna piss down all weekend' prediction, with temperatues between 19 and 22°C.

Of course, it's all just a load of symbols and numbers that have been changing by the day throughout the week, so keep checking without getting too bogged down in it all (excuse the pun). It's the final festival of the summer, so who cares if we all get a bit wet, right?

And if the Aussies carry on the way they're doing in the cricket, we might be praying for a bit of rain. Whetever happens with the weather it's now been confirmed that big screens have been put up in the Temple Bar to show the fifth and final Ashes Test as and when it's on - not sure if they'll show the Hollyoaks omnibus though.

Bestival 2005 takes place at Robin Hill Country Park, Newport, Isle Of Wight this weekend (9-11 September) featuring The Magic Numbers, Royksopp, Super Furry Animals, Mylo, British Sea Power, and loads more.

Click here for VF's Top 10 picks or here for more info on the festival including the full lineup.


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