V Festival - Chelmsford 2005

20 August 2005 - 21 August 2005

V Festival security goes Orwellian

08 August 2005
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Police on site will be using futuristic facial recognition equipment to spot and weed out known troublemakers among the festival crowds as part of increased security measures.

If you've ever had a run-in with the Staffordshire police, and are planning to attend V Festival at Weston Park Staffs, you'd better keep a low profile! Police at V's Northern leg will be using a scary high tech intelligence database linked to CCTV cameras to scan the site and return facial matches of known troublemakers.
Staffordshire Police Chief Inspector Jon Drake told VF: "This year's Staffordshire V Festival will be the biggest yet, with over 70,000 people set to attend. The safety of V Festival fans is of utmost importance to us. Violence of any kind will not be tolerated. A small minority of offenders will not be allowed to spoil the weekend for the tens of thousands of law-abiding music fans."

Bad news, no doubt, for hubcap thieves from Dudley but surely a reassuring message to anyone concerned about terrorism, with V marking the first major UK festivals since the recent London attacks.

This year's (sold-out) V Festivals, featuring Oasis, Scissor Sisters, The Prodigy and Maroon 5 among many others, will host over 130,000 people at the twin sites of Chelmsford and Staffordshire on August 20-21. Click the links below for more info.



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