Glastonbury Festival 2005

24 June 2005 - 26 June 2005

Eavis: 'I predict a heatwave'

17 June 2005
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Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis is backing weathermen's claims that Glasto could be a scorcher, so long as the predicted heatwave next week holds out into the weekend.

Weathermen are predicting a heatwave to hit the UK this weekend, one which is likely to stick around until next weekend.

It's great news for everyone going to Glasto (except those who enjoy a drunken roll around in bog-like sludge), as the infamous mudbaths are usually caused days before the festival kicks off with a deluge of rain in the run-up.

There are mixed reports as to what the weather forecast will be over the actual weekend of Glastonbury (24-26 June), but Michael Eavis is seemingly confident of a hot one.  

According to Gigwise, he said: "Apparently, according to the reports today, the rain has passed over now so there's no dust on the tracks. It was really nice out there this morning actually! Next week is going to be an absolute heat-wave. We just hope it goes on through to the weekend. But the forecast is absolutely brilliant."


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