Download rocks to a spectacular close

Photographer:Sara Bowrey

13 June 2005

All those who thought it couldn't get any better than Saturday at Download were in for some serious thrills on Sunday. The action was relentless, and fans barely had a chance to catch their breath as legendary set followed legendary set - each one marking the highlight so far, only to be superceded by the
next band.

Then there was the gruesome record breaking performance by crazy man Matt Zane from Society 1 who spent his entire Main Stage set suspended from the lighting rig by eight meat hooks through the skin of his shoulders, smashing his own world record.

Slayer unleashed a devastatingly superb assault, attracting a headline-sized crowd on the main stage. Secret band Funeral For A Friend succeeded in delighting their own hopeful fans and seducing many new ones. Slipknot literally went off with a bang - an impressive wall of pyrotechnics, later dwarfed in impact by last year's hero of Download - Joey Jordison - courtesy of a brutal, mind-blowing drum solo.

Across every stage, amazing events just kept happening. Everywhere you went, excited chatter filled the air: 'Weren't Therapy Amazing!' [they were]; 'Lemmy from Motorhead just came on and did a song with MC5!' [he did!] 'Motley Crue are gonna do a secret set at the end!' [maybe next year!]

As it should be, the best was saved for last. With a near-arctic wind blowing and temperatures falling sharply, System of a Down quickly brought things to boiling point with an unforgettable headline set. It was the perfect end to a perfect festival. We'll see you next year!

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Full reviews of every stage, along with loads of other features, band interviews and videos will be available here over the next few days, so stay posted. Download the Desktop Dog from the official site to catch all the action!


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