Glastonbury 2006: A reporting oddity ... ?


United Kingdom United Kingdom | 18 January 2005

The Glastonbury Festival has traditionally been rested every four or five years to give the land on Worthy Farm a chance to recover, as well as give nearby residents a year of peace and quiet. There was no festival in either 2001 or in 1996.

Eavis has always emphasised that the festival would not go ahead in 2006, a fact that VF has been telling readers as long ago as last summer. Back in June he told us: "There will definitely be a festival next year and then we will take 2006 off."

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A number of usually reputable news organisations featured the story as headline news yesterday morning (Tuesday), jumping on comments Eavis made after Monday night's license application hearing, which proved successful. CLICK HERE for more on that. 

He told reporters: "We're taking next year off. We do four years on and one year off. It works well, it keeps up the excitement."

So much so that it prompts old news to be printed it seems!

However, Eavis also explained that he will be taking the time to build a reservoir from a natural spring recently found on the farm, that will supply all of the event's water needs in future - so that's worth mentioning.

Anyway, we just thought we'd blow our own trumpet and remind you to stay posted to VF for all the best festival news first!

Glastonbury Festival 2005 takes place between 24-26 June at Worthy Farm, Pilton, in Somerset. Tickets go on sale on 3 April and will cost 125.


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